A Good Year
Auld Lang Syne

Right Now . . . December 2015

You've been such a notable month, December.  Full of activity.  Warmer than ever.  And gone in a flash!  (Of course, you're also ushering in the new year with ice and sleet and snow.  Cue winter . . . )


Here's what's happening . . . RIGHT NOW.

Watching . . . Movies.  All the movies!  Tom and I have been on a movie tear lately (because this is the season for all the movies we've been waiting to see).  Before Christmas we saw Spotlight (excellent; my favorite so far), Room (good - but the book was better), and Brooklyn (great - and far better than the book).  This week (so far!) we've seen the new Star Wars (so fun), The Big Short (excellent, plus awesome soundtrack), and Joy (Jennifer Lawerence is great; much better movie than the reviews would have you believe).

Reading . . . In the ears -- Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (Elena Ferrante) (Neapolitan #3); on the page -- H is for Hawk (Helen MacDonald).  Earlier this week, I finished the challenging, heart-breaking, and eye-opening Between the World and Me (Ta-Nehisi Coates).  (Really . . . everyone should read this one.)  I'm also enjoying my new Christmas gift cookbook Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix.

Knitting . . . I've just picked up my never-ending sweater again.  (You know why it's never-ending don't you?  Because I'm never-knitting. . . )  (I WILL finish, though.)

Listening to . . . a Solstice playlist.  Tom and I hosted a Solstice party this year, and we created a special playlist for the party.  It's, well . . . very eclectic!  We chose songs about the sun, sunshine, light, darkness, winter . . . and burning (as in candles) -- and it beats the heck out of Christmas music!


Dreading . . . the January People at the gym.  (They've already arrived, actually.)  (I hate January at the gym.)

Drinking . . . Ballast Point Sculpin.   (A new discovery.)  (YUM.)

Planning . . .  How to move forward with my intentions for 2016.  I have some cool things in mind, and I'm looking forward to putting some of those plans and ideas into action.

Humming . . . this one, from the Gorrillaz.  (I have it on several playlists, but heard it again in The Big Short the other day.)


Wondering . . . what the new year will bring!  It's always kind of amazing to look back and see all that happened in the year just ending - expected and unexpected.  So I'm just wondering what will come with the new year.

Itching to . . . just sit and knit for awhile.  But there are so many other "shiny objects" to play with right now . . . 

Organizing . . . my digital photos.  Ugh.  What a monumental undertaking.  My advice:  DON'T store all your photos (like. . . for years) on your hard drive.  And, really.  Get rid of the bad ones and dubplicates right away.  (Just sayin.)

Delighted by . . . a new Alabama Chanin kit I received for Christmas from Tom.  (He got a big hint.)  (It's the wrap skirt!)

Needing to . . . clean out my refrigerator.  And clean my oven, too.


Enjoying . . . Erin and Keith!  Thanks to an extended vacation, I've got them through the weekend!

Celebrating . . . the end of a challenging year.  (Although we've certainly risen to the occasion!)

Looking forward to . . . returning to my Regular Life . . . after all the Holiday Madness!

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . RIGHT NOW?


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Kim in Oregon

I'm chuckling over "the January people" because we all know EXACTLY who those people are (and hopefully are NOT those people!)!


My gym is a dead zone this week but you know what it will be like next week - ugh. I wish this week would slow down, already, it's going to fast. I'm hoping for some knitting and reading time today, tomorrow and Friday!


The Mark Bittman cookbook has been on my list TOO long. I need to just breakdown and buy it. Your year has been a banner year, even if challenging. You always rise to the occasion! Smith and I have the day off. Maybe we'll head to the movie as it's so cold, plus the dreaded inversion is here.


I am thinking we should celebrate the solstice instead of Christmas; it would be more honest and true to what we believe. Having a solstice party sounds like fun! And having the kids around for a few extra days -- delightful!


Sitting, knitting, and planning with a drink of something good nearby sounds like heaven. Love your playlist and that you've got kids for a few more days. Your digital photo advice (don't store them all on your hard drive) -- too late! That will hopefully be one of my first big projects in 2016. Good luck and wishing you all the best in 2016!

April McLain

Love there "right now" posts. I think there is never enough time for knitting or reading. Sadly I think I've become one of those gym people. May wait til February to reinstate my gym membership. You've had an action packed year. Thanks for sharing it with us. Much happiness to you and yours in the coming year!


Life is good Kym! Enjoy those kids and the knitting this weekend. Based on this I'm going to aim for The Big Short this weekend. Happy New Year and bring on 2016!


It's easy to understand your annoyance with the January folks--I've had it myself! However, this year I will be one--long story. Hopefully, some of us can win over your hearts with effort and constancy and a good backstory!


Oooh, that Bittman book is on my list, too. Do you like it?? I haven't seen JOY yet but saw a huge display of Miracle Mop & other Miracle things at Target the other day. Marketing Marketing Marketing.

Happy New Year!!

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