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Pruning with Purpose

During the holiday season, there are some things that I DO . . . only because I feel some sense of obligation.  But there are other things . . . that I really LOVE doing.  Decorating my house, for example.  I love that!  But, over the years, things have gotten a bit out of hand when it comes to my decorating.

Like . . . I've amassed a quite overwhelming inventory of decor items over the years.

And . . . It typically takes me days to convert my house into a Christmas Wonderland.

Sure . . . It's a bit overwhelming.  And kind of stressful.

But . . .  It always looks great when I'm finished.  And it's do-able. (Because I put the same things in the same places every.single.year.)  (And how hard can that be?  Right????)

Then . . . this year . . . I asked myself WHY????  And decided to rethink my holiday decor plan.  (Just because it's DO-able, it doesn't mean you have to DO it.)  (Or that you can't DO it . . . differently.)

Something a little different

I decided a little PRUNING was in order.

First, I pruned my decor items themselves.  I went from five crates of decor . . . to one.  And it was easy.  I just applied KonMari principles:  I unwrapped each item and held it.  I asked, "Do you bring me joy?"  And . . . for the most part . . . I found that, No.  You don't bring me joy.  (Although you did at one time.  And for that I am grateful.)

Pruning with purpose

Then, I went outside and did some actual pruning.  I walked through my garden and pruned things to use inside for decorating.  Red-twig dogwood.  Cedar branches.  Boxwood.  Mugo pine. Beauty berry.

Then . . . the real fun began!

I used boxwood clippings to create little window swags. 

Boxwood in the window

And I used cedar clippings on mantle and in a small arrangement on the hearth.

Mantle village

Boxwood in the window

And I created several arrangements using various pieces of my garden.

Boxwood burning
Boxwood burning
Boxwood burning

It's much more . . . low-key . . . in my house this holiday season.  But you know what?  I'm really happy.  It's simple and festive and lovely . . . in a way that reflects my style -- inside and out.

I love a little . . . pruning with purpose!




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I think it looks great. I have a problem with letting go of my snow man collection. Most of them just don't bring me joy anymore but I feel guilty thinking about getting rid of them. So I put them out every year. Sigh.


It all looks beautiful! So natural and festive. I had a little chuckle with the "do you bring me joy"...can you KonMari people? :-) Happy Monday!


I love that you're bringing the natural world inside. The decode is elegantly simple, low-key, very you! Every year can be created anew, can be the same but different, depending on what you grow and prune. You're really onto something that can evolve wonderfully!


I'm going to try and do this as well. But it might have to be more when things are put away, since I didn't really think about it before I got started this year ... :-)

Your decorations look wonderful!


What a great idea!! I love the look of all the natural elements, too. You have me very inspired to rethink my Christmas decor-THANKS!!


Oh my goodness, it's all so WONDERFUL!! I love that you were able to use things from your own garden/yarn -- that in itself makes it more meaningful. And then you were able to use your arranging skills. Brava!! Less is more... and each piece more delightful.


I LOVE it! everything looks warm and inviting and real. just like you, my friend. (and un-decorating won't be much of a chore either - you should be able to leave the greenery up until it fades, right...February maybe?!)


This is lovely! And fresh - and different - and creative - and festive...
and did I say lovely?
Because it is!

Linda in VA


Your house looks lovely and festive and welcoming!

Julia in KW

We did the same thing with Christmas decorations a year or two ago....I mean how many can you really put on a tree? We asked ourselves do we love it or does it have sufficient emotional attachment that it must be out, then it was kept...but a lot went...and we enjoy decorating so much more now!


So Inspiring- I seem to wait till the last minute to do any decorating I think because what Im really craving at the Holidays is something simple and quiet.


I love how your inside pruning was replaced with ones from the outside! So festive and simply beautiful. Kudos.


Such a good idea and one I have been attempting (no, truthfully, THINKING about) the last two years. I think I will start seriously while putting things away this year. Your home does look lovely- serene & relaxing.

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