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Journey's End

Here it is - the end of December - and I've entered my year-in-review time.  I really like looking back over the almost-finished year -- to reflect on what I did, what I accomplished, what I learned.

Let's begin with One Little Word.


If you've been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I choose "one little word" to live with every year and invite into my life.  I sign up for Ali Edwards' online workshop, and I use her prompts as a sort of jumping-off point for exploring my word.

This year, my word was JOURNEY.

When the year began, I was hoping for a journey that would help me make new discoveries about myself, inspire me to keep moving and reaching, shake up the status quo of my life a bit . . . and maybe . . . get a little lost.  I really was ready for something new-and-different, and I was open to what that might be.


So . . . what happened?

I found that it's quite difficult to step outside the comfort of where you are . . . to get lost somewhere else.  UNLESS . . . someone (or something) pushes you . . .

And that, of course, is exactly what happened to me this year.  Lots of somethings, actually, pushed me out of the comfort of where I was.  And I DID manage to get lost for awhile.


I set off last January on a JOURNEY with a vague sense of direction, but an uncertain destination.  After some frustrating detours and more than a couple of missed exits, I ended up stranded in a wilderness for awhile.  Eventually, I sorted myself out and found my path again.


You know what?

It was NOT the path I expected.  (And that was the entire point!)


As I say goodbye to my word this year, I want to remember what I learned:

  • That it's good to stretch in new ways; if you keep doing the same things in the same way, you're going to keep feeling the same feelings.
  • That it's okay to be uncertain . . . of where you're headed, of what's going to happen next, of which way to turn.
  • That barriers don't have to be permanent -- and can be breached, broken, or trampled.
  • That sometimes detours offer an even better view (that you would've missed altogether otherwise).
  • That stepping out of your comfort zone is not comfortable -- and that's okay!

I've reached the end of my 2015 JOURNEY.  Onward . . . to new discoveries (and a whole new word) in 2016.


If you're interested in exploring a word of your own in 2016, it's time again to sign up for Ali Edwards' One Little Word workshop.  I've taken part for the last five years (and will be joining again in 2016) -- and have gained some powerful insights about myself each year.  The workshop is very adaptable.  Ali provides a monthly prompt to get you thinking about/connecting with your word.  You can use these prompts as a springboard for just personal reflecting or journaling -- or you can go all in and create a lovely scrapbook/mixed media/photography project for your word.  There are community forums and a Facebook group to connect with other participants if that's your thing.  Really . . . adaptable, and always thought-provoking.  (This year, I created a little "journey journal" where I reflected about/responded to the prompts -- and collected all kinds of other things related to my "journey."  Not a scrapbook at all -- but something that worked for me.)

Join in!  Sign up for One Little Word here.



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Your journal journey is both interesting and beautiful. It's clear that you put quite some time into thinking, reflecting, and "journeying" this year; I hope you've arrived at a good place! Onward, upward, and outward towards 2016!


I'm glad your word led you to places you wouldn't have seen and new experiences. Here's to more of it in 2016!


Your word was a great guide for what was happening around you. I enjoyed seeing your journal pages and hearing your journey was fruitful. Contemplating the past (2015) and looking forward to the future (2016) fills the heart with hope.


The fact that you stayed with the journey is awesome! Your year really was a journey with wonderful changes and the embrace of seasons and accomplishments! I can 't imagine it any other way for you!


Given what I know about your 2015 I think journey was an excellent word. I enjoyed the process this year myself and felt that grace was a good choice for me. I'm ready for 2016 and my new word, too!


I think I started OLW about the same time you did. I enjoyed reading your reflections over the year with "journey." Are you thinking about your word for next year? I think choosing a word for he next year is always an interesting journey.


A word like this seems to be sort of an anchor, oasis, touchstone, guide... it's something you can contemplate and think about and let guide you when you're trying to right the rudder.

That said, I "failed' miserably with the OLW thing!! ;)

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