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Looking Ahead to Some Down Time

Like many of you, over the last couple of weeks I have . . . Done All The Things.

Shopping, wrapping, shipping, baking, planning, partying, decorating.  All The Things.

FullSizeRender 47

I don't know about you, but I'm pooped!  (This photo is a picture of our living room . . . before our Solstice Celebration party on Sunday night . . . and before Jenny helped herself to most of those M&Ms.)

I'm looking forward to some Down Time . . . so I can . . . 

  1. Mostly just not feel like I should be/could be doing something . . . seasonal.
  2. Knit.  I haven't knit in several weeks, and I'm itching to stitch!
  3. Read.  My reading has slowed to a crawl lately, too.
  4. Draw.  I haven't picked up a pencil since my last art class ended before Thanksgiving.
  5. See All The Movies.  We've seen several lately, but so many good ones are coming out right now that it's been impossible to keep up!
  6. Stitch.  As in an Alabama Chanin project (that I think I'll be unwrapping soon).
  7. Sew.  I cut out an apron before Thanksgiving; it's still sitting on my sewing table.
  8. Finish organizing my digital photos.  It's a huge project, and I got a good start before the holiday crush, but lately?  Not so much.
  9. Put the finishing touches on my "new" bedroom and bathroom.  It's all finished now -- but there are no pictures on the walls yet. 
  10. Think about my next home renovation project . . . which involves removing the wallpaper in my dining room.

How about YOU?  What are you looking forward to doing . . . once the Holiday Rush is over?


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Beautiful photo and lovely lights. Love your fireplace. Looking forward to sending you some kombucha scoby babies in the mail. Let me know when things die down and you're ready for them.


Sewing is on my mind as well! I have some 100 Acts of Sewing dresses I want to get done! And, I am looking forward to seeing your Alabama Chanin project unfold in the New Year!


Sounds like you will be busy (still)!


I think life is much better if you can fit in even a few minutes of knitting, reading, drawing, etc. instead of all the seasonal have-tos. If you're ever looking for a post idea, I wouldn't mind hearing about your digital photo organization process. I'll be doing the same thing soon and would love some advice from someone experienced.


Love your picture. Can we just sit and read and knit all week long? I suppose we have to do other stuff, too, so we don't feel like complete slugs. I forgot to give you credit for this topic - thanks for a great one!


Oh how I love next week! (Even though I have the W word still...) I hope to take Alvy back out and get that knitting going again and some reading. It's been cray cray around here.


To just sit and read or knit or sew sounds so wonderful right now! I love all the excitement of Christmas and I look forward to those quiet days just after Christmas. Best wishes to you & your family!


And I'd like to sit in front of that fire and knit together! :-)


So many things to look forward to--just enjoying the lights and the upstairs bedrooms which were mucked out and reclaimed for Christmas company. One will be a knitting studio after company leaves. If you aren't back before Christmas, I send you and your loved ones happy holiday wishes!


Oooh, what's that Alabama Chanin project gonna be?

Have you removed wallpaper in your home before? I have done a LOT of that over the years. Mostly from lathe-and-plaster & many times painted walls, so fairly easy... not so much from drywall/sheetrock. That required some extra TLC.


I love how you worded #1!


I hope you're able to do all the you want to do when the mad rush of the season dies down!


what a lovely list...until #10! which might end up lovely but whoa there's a lot of mess before that happens! nonetheless, i hope you find time for ALL these things before the crazy rush of 2016 begins. Merry Christmas!

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