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We've all been there.  You're on the way to a party.  You need a hostess gift.  QUICK!  Or maybe just one more stocking stuffer.  Or a gift for a co-worker on your way to work.  



And you don't want to run to the mall.  (And you certainly don't want to go to Target!)

What's your best option?  Why . . . the grocery store, of course!

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This week, Carole asks us for Ten Gifts You Can Pick Up at the Grocery Store:

  1. Wine.  We're lucky here in Michigan, because grocery stores sell wine and beer.  And . . . wine makes a perfect last-minute, pick-it-up-on-the way gift.  (You can even buy some curling ribbon and fancy-it-up a bit on the way.)
  2. Specialty chocolate.
  3. Gift cards.
  4. Lottery tickets. (My kids love getting scratch-off lottery tickets in their stockings.)
  5. Coffee mugs and specialty coffees.  (We have a Starbucks located in our favorite grocery store, which makes this really easy.)
  6. Wine-related items like openers and stoppers.  (Our wine department stocks these during the holidays.)
  7. Poinsettias.
  8. Specialty cheeses.
  9. Fruit baskets.
  10. Magic Grow Capsules.  (Because really . . . who wouldn't want these?)

As for me, though... I pretty much stop at #1.

How about YOU?  What last-minute-gifts can you find at your local grocery store?


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I can get alcohol at Target, but not at the grocery store. I have a feeling we might have Magic Grow Capsules at the grocery store. I really should take a spin through the aisle that has those little toys for kids.


I hit upon several of the same ideas! :)

And really, how can you go wrong with food items? Everyone has to eat! :)

I did not think about poinsettias, which is crazy because I love them!


Magic Grow Capsules would be a good reason to head to the grocery store! Wine certainly isn't an option.


I am in the process of writing my post, but even so, I realize that a lot of this depends on not only where you live, but the kind of grocery stores in your area!

Wine. I'd stop at #1 too. ;-)


Ah, yes... wine, chocolate, and cheese! Who wouldn't be happy with that?? ;)


I worked for a company that sold those in the 80's. We would hire people to come and get the foam cut outs and...stuff them into the capsules. And yes, #1 all the way!


Starbucks AND wine in your grocery stores? That's it - I'm moving to Michigan!


I"m with you on #1. Or maybe some craft beer for the non wine drinkers. Not that I know any of those. I never think of lottery tickets, mostly because I don't think I'm mature enough to be happy for someone if I gave them a winning ticket.


Magic Grow capsules made me smile--now how about some Chia pets?


Can you even buy those magic capsules any more? Seems like the Consumer Product Safety Commission would have outlawed them since they look like candy. But I like your list (especially #1)!


Love the idea of the magic capsules! And lottery tickets--fun stocking stuffers!


Flowers! Yes, we do lottery tickets as a stocking stuffer each year.

Kim in Oregon

WE have wine but no lottery tickets--go figure!


movies! They always have a bin of discounted ones at mine...
Some type of kitchen gadget someone would never think of buying for themselves....
and the special thing I bought for my sister at my grocery store - some shower caps - ha!

Linda in VA


Love the list, a poinsettia is a great idea!

Magic Grow Capsules? Wait, what?


what a fun list - I'd love to get any of those...but especially the Grow Capsules!

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