We Gathered Together
That Gingerbread Time of Year

Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

December is always a crazy month.  That Christmas Machine just continues to roll, and "regular life" just kind of  . . . enters a vortex or something.

Sometimes it's best to just sit back and take a breather; to think about those things you truly enjoy about the holiday season.


  1. I love to decorate my house for the holidays.  This year, I've KonMari'd my holiday stuff, and pared down my decor significantly.  I'm really excited about this.  It was time for a change -- and way past time to simplify.
  2. I love twinkle lights and candles.  It's so dark this time of year!  I like to brighten things up with little lights everywhere.
  3. I love to watch Christmas movies.  My favorites are Love Actually and The Holiday -- and, of course, White Christmas.
  4. I love to get Christmas cards in the mail -- and especially if they include a family photo and a little newsy update.  It seems I get fewer cards every year, but I really treasure the ones I receive -- especially from those friends far away.
  5. I love planning (and cooking) a special meal or two for holiday celebrations.  At Thanksgiving, I make the same meal Every.Single.Year.  (And my family likes it that way.)  At Christmas, though, I like to pull out all the stops and make things that are really special.
  6. I love listening to Christmas music.  It kinda drives Tom nuts, though, so I mostly only listen to Christmas music when he's not around.  (Unless it's the Messiah.  He loves the Messiah.)
  7. I love the smell of pine.  We have a "real" tree, so the fresh smell comes along with the tree -- but I also enhance it a bit . . . with pine-scented candles.
  8. I love the special events that happen only once a year:  Parties and concerts and the Nutcracker ballet.  (I also like getting a bit dressed up now and again -- and holiday parties allow me to wear some sparkle!)
  9. I love seeing all the wrapped packages under the tree.  When I was a little girl, seeing those packages made me giddy -- like . . . hardly able to breathe, I was so excited.  A little of that feeling still spills over.
  10. I love the memories that the holidays bring:  Christmases of my childhood; Christmases Tom and I shared in our early years together; Christmases with my own children.  Wonderful memories are woven through pretty much all the things I like BEST about the holidays.

How about YOU?  What do you truly enjoy about the holiday season?


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Love Actually and the Holiday are two of our favorites! I think the music has a lot to do with that. Love the orange garland - may need to copy that idea. Merry Christmas!


What a lovely list! I always associate the holidays with sticking cloves in oranges with my grandmother, so I love your orange decorations. Memories are so important -- not in a melancholic way, but for the joy that remembering brings!


There are so many wonderful things about this time of year, you put together a great list of your favorites.


What a great list! But, I especially love #10 - it is truly the essence of what Christmas is!


So many Love Actually fans! I love it. Lights and my candles are my favorite.

Denise T.

That smell of pine just can't be beat, can it? And #10 is so true as I get older.


Your natural deceptions are so unique and beautiful. I love the lights and all the gatherings of people who want to celebrate together.


It's wonderful when you can feel that excitement that has been there since childhood!


What a beautiful list! I love it all, especially music. I am a member of the Oratorial Society (a group from the community who rehearse & sing with the university choirs) and we had our concert on Sunday evening and it was glorious! I also sing with our church choir and we are preparing our annual Christmas concert that takes place right before midnight Mass. I love performing in & attending concerts and listening to all kinds of Christmas music-it energizes me and helps me keep calm during this busy season.


Wonderful. While I've been known to substitute lasagna for turkey at Thanksgiving (with Mom's blessing/encouragement, but an action that my brother might never forgive), we shined at Christmas -- a platter full of roasted Cornish hens, Beef Wellington, Crown Roast of Pork, Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding... Mmmmm. And memories.


We have not gotten one Christmas card yet. Very odd.




Christmas cards...yes! and also pared down decorations. I simplified everything when we moved a few years ago and now it really is just what I love. what a wonderful list!

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