Journey's End
Right Now . . . December 2015

A Good Year

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic lends itself to further year-in-review reflection.  Carole asks us about Ten Things That Make Us Feel Proud in 2015.


  1. Effectively purging so much of my stuff . . . KonMari-style.  It really does feel good to let go of so much stuff, and I am committed to living with less.
  2. Taking a drawing class . . . and reviving my long-ignored artistic side.  When I started out with my class (taken only so I'd have the prerequisite for other kinds of art classes), I had no idea how much fun I'd have!  
  3. Culling my yarn stash and organizing the remains on Ravelry.  I never blogged about this, but it was a monumental undertaking all the same.  (No worries.  I still have plenty of yarn!)
  4. Beginning a daily meditation practice.  I've discovered that meditation really IS all it's cracked up to be!
  5. Getting through some pretty serious sports injuries -- and changing up my whole fitness regimen. I used to run.  Now I swim.  I used to dance.  Now I row.  I fought it with a vengeance -- but the change has been really good for me.
  6. Completing an Alabama Chanin t-shirt project.  Which just whet my appetite for more!
  7. Finally getting to Rhinebeck.  (Thanks for making it possible, Patty.)
  8. Brian and Lauren's wedding.  I didn't have anything to do with this one, but I'm so proud all the same.
  9. Re-doing my bathroom, with spill-over into a bit of kitchen-updating.  (I'll blog about the finished bathroom someday in the near future.)

How about YOU?  What made you feel proud this year?


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It was a good year! I'm full of admiration for you for taking your drawing class and looking forward to seeing what comes next. Meditation is on my list for 2016. Having tried and failed so many times before, your endorsement has given me hope!


Nicely done. We are thinking of a bathroom remodel in 2016, so please share your hard-earned wisdom.


What a great year you had! Rhinebeck, oh my - queue the envy! It is on my bucket list!

Happy New Year!


I love how creativity is all over your list. This has given me something to think about and perhaps aspire to.


Your year included a little bit of everything. Thank you for sharing so much of what you do and who you are. I'm very grateful to count you as a friend.


You had a great year - glad I got to be part of it, both online AND in person! Yay!


What a great list! I hope 2016 is just as full of wonder and delight!


Nice list!!

I kept knocking my brains out - but the only thing I could come up with was keeping off the weight I had lost.... That is about it! That is pathetic - LOL!

Linda in VA


Great list! Inspiring - I need to do a good bit of stash organising too.


The destashing is liberating. It does make me, in particular question my sanity. Here's to a great new year filled with sanity and insanity!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

A good year! I'm loving reading through yours and others' lists. I dealt with a long ignored (work and life related) injury this year too- I wouldn't say it's fun to learn that you can't move in the same ways as you used to but it's good to feel like you're taking care of yourself. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016!


You are speaking to me - I started meditating on Sunday and it was fantastic, and I just *knew* I would do it daily, and here it is, Tuesday night, and I haven't done it again. I need to find a way to stick with it.

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