A Thanksgiving Throwback

Thoughts on Welcoming a Daughter-in-Law


I raised Brian to grow up and become . . . himself.  To follow his own path.  To discover his own life.  To leave me.  It has always brought me great  joy . . . to watch him UNFOLD . . . right before my eyes.


I'm especially happy that Brian and Lauren found each other.  The two of them seem just perfect for each other.  As a Mom, there is really nothing better than watching your kid . . . grow up and find happiness.

And I am seeing that in Brian now . . . because of Lauren.  I am looking forward to seeing the future the two of them create TOGETHER.  I'm going to love watching their lives continue to . . . UNFOLD. 


 Last week, I sent Lauren a note (saying pretty much the same as above) along with a little "token" -- a symbol, I guess, of my passing Brian's childhood into her hands (and heart) . . . for the next phase of his journey.


I'm confident that Mr. Bun is in good hands!



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One of my biggest struggles has been learning to let go of my children and let them live their own lives while still staying close. I think you may have mastered this balancing act, and are already a thoughtful and generous mil. I'm very happy for Brian, Lauren, you, and Mr. Bun who gets to live in wonderful CO!


You're making me cry! What a wonderful act of love and happiness. That Lauren in a lucky girl all around.


You are the mil every young woman hopes to have when she marries. You are kind, caring and generous, and Lauren is going to appreciate that more than any gift you can give her.

Kim in Oregon

Great story! I love that!


Bah! I'm bawling... what a wonderful woman you are. Lauren is lucky in many ways...


You have mastered the art of staying close while encouraging your children to find their own paths through life!


Those pictures are beautiful.


You are a fantastic mom and I know that will make you a wonderful mother-in-law.


Belated congratulations on their wedding!
My mother-in-law gave me my husband's teddy bear.
Then, his baby spoon, baby book and a framed letter to Santa followed.
Such lovely gestures by lovely mother-in-laws.
I hope someday I'll join you.


I second everything Margene said. How touching that you sent Mr. Bun to Lauren. I want to cry. You have a beautiful, welcoming heart.


oh, Kym, what a warm, welcoming gesture. Lauren is lucky to have you for a mother-in-law and I expect you'll both enjoy a special bond - shared through Brian. (also blown away again by the wedding photos - what a beautiful place and a lovely couple!)


You will be the world's best MIL!

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