Headline News - Special Thanksgiving Edition
Sundays are for Poetry


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How wonderful. Marriage deserves the momentousness of multiple celebrations!


Sunny skies to you ALL!!! Joyous congratulations and best wishes to ALL! XOX


Wonderful! My son married a young woman who was born in NYC, but whose parents are both from New Zealand. Only one cousin & husband were able to travel to the wedding here. So Joe & his bride, her parents, and one sibling & her family traveled to NZ 8 months later for a big family reunion and wedding celebration there! Enjoy your day!


That's the best sun ever!
Mazal tov to all involved and have a wonderful celebration!


Have a fabulous celebration!! Congratulations to all!! May you have sunshine in your hearts forever.


This is even better than Thanksgiving! Happy sunshiny celebrating to all!


Yay! I'm reading late so the fun is probably over. Except for the telling and remembering which will be more joy. Can't wait to hear about it. Congratulations to them and you.


I'm sure you all had a wonderful time celebrating - can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures!


Looking forward to the photo evidence of all the fun that was had!

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