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Right Now . . . November 2015


Oh, November.  You've been a busy month.  And especially here, right at the end . . .

  Glowing hydrangeas

Here's what's happening for me . . . Right Now.

Watching . . . Oh, my.  Nothing, actually.  (Although I did see Suffragette earlier this month with my book group.  Very good; highly recommended.)

Reading . . . In my ears: Remains of the Day (Kazuo Ishiguro). In words: Village Diary (Miss Read) (for my book group; an easy December pick) (although I can't imagine what we'll discuss, exactly). 

Knitting . . . I recently finished a special knit, which I will share sometime soon.  Now that it's finished, I've picked up this ongoing sweater again.  (No Christmas knitting for me this year!)

Listening to . . . Adele.  Of course.  Just like Everyone Else in the World.   (And this version of her Hello is my current favorite - for fun.)


Planning . . . How to simplify my Christmas.  (Also, maybe . . . a Solstice party.)  (We'll see.)

Needing to . . . Make a couple of deliveries for a volunteer event later this week.  (Easy peasy; I just don't want to forget.)

Drinking . . . Wine. (Because how else???)

Itching to . . . Just sit.  And do nothing. (Because that hasn't happened in a while.) 

Dreading . . . Nothing, really.  (I think I'm numb.)

Wondering . . . If there is anybody who doesn't have Adele's Hello playing constantly in their head???  (Because, my God.  It's on an endless loop in my brain.)


Delighted by . . . A long weekend with a full house!  It was so wonderful to have both kids and their "significants" and my parents with us.  (Lots of laughing.)  (Good times.)

Organizing . . . Myself.  (Or . . . trying.)

Celebrating . . . The successful conclusion of NaBloPoMo.  (Thanks for playing along.)

How about YOU? What's happening for you . . . right now?