Because Friday
Sundays are for Poetry


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Kim in Oregon

Lucky you! I'm jealous of your snow! I hope you can enjoy it--Saturday snow is great especially if you don't have to go anywhere!


Love the contrail piercing the clouds of your beautiful sunset! I have a friend who lives in Kalamazoo too and posted a very snowy photo this morning. I was thinking of you and wondered how much you got.


That must have been a big system. It snowed here too! The sky picture is heavenly.

Cheryl S.

My BIL in Highland just told us there was a bunch of snow on the way. Stay warm!


The sunset is pretty, but possibly less so since those gathering clouds brought snow. Too early, too early!


Nooooooo! Does this mean you've (finally) put the flip flops away?


You have winter. We're still waiting! I feel you're the more fortunate, as we'd love some white stuff.


Oooh. You got WAY more snow than I did -- that storm tracked a bit to my south (which is OK).

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