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KonMari in the Garden


Tom and I spent much of Sunday prepping the yard and garden for the colder months ahead.  We brought in the patio furniture and unhooked the hoses.  We composted spent containers and stored my garden tchotchkes in the garage.  We cut back plants and unhooked the pond pumps and emptied the rain barrel.

And all the while, I KonMari'd!

I sorted through everything garden-related.


My "garden shelves" in the garage.

The potting bench.

All the garden tchotchkes I was bringing in for storage.

I sorted it all!

Turns out . . .  a lot of things were broken or rusted or past their "use by" date.  And several things just don't bring me joy anymore.

Now, that shelf (above) looks like this . . . 


And my storage bins are filled ONLY with the garden items that bring me joy.

KonMari. . . scoring another WIN!




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Such a great feeling isn't it? (Except for the reason behind it all!)


Yay, Kym! I've been doing the same here these last two weeks. Basement and garage. Feels great but now I need a manicure. I'd say it's a pretty good trade off!


Well done! You'll be ready to start the next gardening season as soon as it warms up. I'll need to do this in the spring; now the garden shed is stuffed with rain barrels, the row maker, patio furniture, baskets, and too many garden gloves that don't fit.


You'll love your cleaned up area even more when next spring rolls around. You'll be so proud of yourself, too. It feel so sad to hear the season is over. Today is our very last day to do much of anything garden related. We've head the *s* word is in the forecast.


It's amazing how much "stuff" we all accumulate in our lives, isn't it? We often spend the first half of our lives accumulating...only to get rid of things later in life! Wish I had learned that lesson early on! Your shed looks beautiful, but wish the gardens had a longer growing season!


It always feels so good to clean out clutter. I think it makes our brain feel less cluttered as well. You will be happy next spring. :)


Nice! I took a bag full of clothes to the thrift store benefiting a local cat shelter. Less stuff is very powerful.


Your KonMari-ing is inspirational. I did it to my fridge a week ago and want to move through my house doing the same. It must feel,good to have all your garden stuff in order.


Good for you! Dale is making noises about putting away the deck furniture BUT we are supposed to hit the 60s and even 70s this week so I'm lobbying for it to stay for a little bit longer!


Ah! That's fantastic. What a difference... all that space!


I have to ask: did you konmari the plants, too?


:-) love kmkat's question! and I have to say - it looks like your storage area got a whole lot bigger.


Good for you! I need to do the same in our shed. And.... spray peppermint oil in there to rid the mice that seem to find their way in each winter chewing things up to make nests.

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