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Sunny Day

Headline News - Special Thanksgiving Edition


Yesterday was a Very Good Day.  But today . . . we are tired.  Let's break it down into headlines.

Turkey mantle

Woman Orders 20-pound Organic, Free-Range, Vegetable-Fed, Antibiotic-Free Turkey by Mistake:  Faints at Cash Register


Family Declares BEST TURKEY EVER!


Family Matriarch Doubles Mashed Potato Recipe: Quick Thinking Has Her Mixing Them in a Punch Bowl


Family Dogs Pull Back-to-Back Security Shifts:  Turkey Safe for Another Year


Gingerbread House Decorating Proceeds As Scheduled:  No Cave-ins or Breakdowns Reported


Family Declares Black-Friday-Free Day:  No Shopping Planned


Hope you all enjoyed a relaxing holiday (or just great regular day, if you don't live in the US!) -- without any unexpected headlines.


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You might be eating turkey for awhile. We will too.


No shopping here either! Those fancy turkeys are expensive but worth it - I get ours from a local turkey farm. mmmmm.


Sounds like a wonderful day, except now you will have to budget all year buy 20-pound Organic, Free-Range, Vegetable-Fed, Antibiotic-Free Turkeys for subsequent Thanksgivings. Or maybe ... you might want to buy a few turkey poults in the spring and raise your own!


Mmm. I bet that $$ turkey will be picked to the bone! No shopping here, either; work instead (oh goody).


Blog reader spits out coffee laughing!

Cheryl S.

Too bad about the sticker shock, but it must have been worth it for the best turkey ever.

April McLain

Love these headlines! Thanks for the laugh. Have a wonderful reception this weekend for the happy couple.


I love your headlines posts! Such a good idea, and you do it so well :-)


So glad to hear the dogs are on duty! Hope they took some time to chillax today! May the rest of your weekend produce good news stories!


Noooooooo shopping! :-) Here's to a happy headlines all weekend long!

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