A Thanksgiving Throwback
Look Up!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!



Once again, my week is reduced to headlines . . . 


Couple Ventures to Men's Clothing Store for New Sportscoat:  We go once every 15 years, whether we need to or not, says husband


Massive Great Lakes Windstorm Prevents Intrepid Walker From Completing Daily March Through Time:  Even the dogs wouldn't go outside! 


Windstorm Creates Dangerous Waves on Lake Michigan Shoreline:  Blows All Remaining Leaves to Detroit


Woman Goes for Annual Mammogram; Reminds Others to Get One, Too!


Family Dogs Turn Themselves Inside Out With Barking at Racoon Sighting in Front Yard


Blogger Scraping Bottom Less Than Mid-Way Through NaBloPoMo


Have a great weekend!



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Great headlines! In the "misery loves company department", I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one wondering how I'm going to write 17 more posts. Thanks for sending the wind storm our way; hopefully it will blow our leaves all the way to the Atlantic so I won't have to rake any more.


Oh yes, we are mid way! Time to pull out all the stops and get through this thing! Hope the storm didn't blow more than just leaves to Detroit. That storm was here last week. Black coat on my shopping list this weekend. I have a feeling this could be an unsuccessful trip. PS. There is *damn* cold coming in behind the wind...just sayin'.


Very fun and creative! And yes, this is getting a bit more difficult. We shall soldier on. Have a great weekend Kym!


We had that windstorm here in Illinois too and I think our leaves blew through Indiana clear into Ohio! I love your doggie headline, my dog goes crazy over a squirrel, so I can't imagine what she would do it she saw a racoon!


You aren't scraping the bottom - this is clever and GOOD!


Haha! We went shopping for a new sportscoat for Rusty when Ali got married two years ago... the first one since WE got married (28 years earlier)!

The wind must build over the water... it's definitely windy here, but not quite that bad!


I think the blogger is doing just fine! This was a fun idea--thanks!


I don't think you know what bottom means dear!


scraping the bottom or not, you still made me laugh out loud - so thank you!

April McLain

Loved this post! Such creativity and humor...you sure you're at the bottom?


I love the way you did this - so creative! I might just steal it from you and try it out each Friday!

Linda in VA


Funny post! Love your choice of words and humor. Not scraping bottom in my mind at all!




I love it. This is fantastic. I need to start doing that with my life. It makes everything sound more interesting.

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