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Apparently Still a Lemming

I Can Dig It


Each spring, I swear that THIS FALL . . . I will plant more bulbs!


Because after a long, bleak, dark winter, nothing warms the heart more than bright blooms in an otherwise desolate garden.

I have some bulbs in my garden.  Not many though.  Certainly not enough.  There are some lovely crocus that I planted nearly 10 years ago; they have done a fine job of "naturalizing" throughout the garden and I am most grateful.  And I have a handful of daffodils -- randomly placed and just not enough for any kind of impact.  And some grape hyacinths that I planted after being inspired on my trip to Amsterdam back in 2011.  And then I have some sad, sad tulips.  Because tulips don't fare well over time; they really need to be dug up and re-planted each year for maximum impact.

So, really.  Not many bulbs.

This year, though . . . was gonna be different!

This year, I was not going to lose my bulb-planting mojo.

This year, I was going to Do It.

So I ordered bulbs.



Grape hyacinth.

And daffodils.


And then?

Then I just . . . kind of didn't plant them.

Too early.

Too rainy.

Too cold.

On vacation.

Too busy.

Lucky for me, we got a lovely Indian Summer reprieve in the weather.  This week has been one gorgeous day after another.  Perfect . . . for getting out in the garden and planting bulbs!


I'm happy to report that over the last two days, I planted more than 300 bulbs!

Parts of my garden should be a riot of color come spring.


For some reason, planting bulbs is a chore I seem to loathe.  
But the payoff will be huge in the spring.  (When I'll need it most.)

I can dig it!