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Each spring, I swear that THIS FALL . . . I will plant more bulbs!


Because after a long, bleak, dark winter, nothing warms the heart more than bright blooms in an otherwise desolate garden.

I have some bulbs in my garden.  Not many though.  Certainly not enough.  There are some lovely crocus that I planted nearly 10 years ago; they have done a fine job of "naturalizing" throughout the garden and I am most grateful.  And I have a handful of daffodils -- randomly placed and just not enough for any kind of impact.  And some grape hyacinths that I planted after being inspired on my trip to Amsterdam back in 2011.  And then I have some sad, sad tulips.  Because tulips don't fare well over time; they really need to be dug up and re-planted each year for maximum impact.

So, really.  Not many bulbs.

This year, though . . . was gonna be different!

This year, I was not going to lose my bulb-planting mojo.

This year, I was going to Do It.

So I ordered bulbs.



Grape hyacinth.

And daffodils.


And then?

Then I just . . . kind of didn't plant them.

Too early.

Too rainy.

Too cold.

On vacation.

Too busy.

Lucky for me, we got a lovely Indian Summer reprieve in the weather.  This week has been one gorgeous day after another.  Perfect . . . for getting out in the garden and planting bulbs!


I'm happy to report that over the last two days, I planted more than 300 bulbs!

Parts of my garden should be a riot of color come spring.


For some reason, planting bulbs is a chore I seem to loathe.  
But the payoff will be huge in the spring.  (When I'll need it most.)

I can dig it!



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Can't wait to see the results of your hard work (and >300 bulbs is a lot of work!) in the spring! You may already have one of these, but in case you don't, this tool has made planting bulbs much less of a chore for me: http://www.amazon.com/Joseph-Bentley-Traditional-Garden-Tools/dp/B003M5H4K4
Of course, I should just throw the bulbs directly on the ground for the squirrels and deer to eat and save them the trouble of digging them up.


I seriously need to Dig It! My garlic bulbs have yet to be planted. I think the forecast of lovely weather this week put that on hold. Getting a manicure tomorrow, so it better happen today. Lol.


Since all my bulbs were dug up during the garden redo I must start from scratch and start to dig in, too! I may be a little late as the weather has turned cold, but I might just make it if I do it this weekend! I'm digging in! Your yard is going to be spectacular come spring because of all your hard work now.


Going big! Nice.


Awesome! I think I'm going to forward this post to Doug. We've got a beautiful Saturday coming...could be a great day to plant bulbs! Nice job Kym!


I hate digging bulbs, also - but love the results come spring! I have a large yard - including some wooded areas where I want to plant some daffodils (the critters eat my tulip bulbs every time!). Digging here isn't easy because of all the tree roots and rocks I hit every time the shovel goes in the ground. I dig a good size hole and plant 20-30 bulbs in it - beautiful results come spring and much easier than digging a hole for each bulb...just sayin'! Happy planting...think spring!


Huzzahs and hoorays to you! Sometimes the things we hate doing the most proffer the best rewards. Wish I'd applied that logic to my own yard lol!


Yay for you!! I can't wait 'til SPRING!! It's going to be amazing!

Cheryl S.

Yay! Glad you got them in. I love, love, love spring bulbs.


Good for you, Kym!
I planted just a few alliums and daffodils this fall. My garden is turning into a buffet line for deer and rabbits. As you know, tulips and crocuses are like candies to them. :o(
Enjoy your Indian Summer!


I'm with you on this, I hate planting them but every spring I wish I had more. Good for you. And 300 is a LOT!


Whoa....that is a lot of bulbs!! I do what you usually do, plan to plant and then don't because fall is such a busy time of year for me here, but maybe I will plant a few. :)


Wow...300 bulbs! A few years ago I planted 100 tulip bulbs. In the rockiest soil around...it was so much freaking work. But I kept thinking about how beautiful they would look in the spring. Until spring came and the deer mowed every single one of them off when they weren't more than a few inches out of the ground. In 3 years I've gotten a total of 7 flowers.


planting bulbs seems a lot like weaving in ends...for the dread of it - and with a fabulous payback (which the ends really don't have). I can't wait to see the bounty next spring!

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