Right Now . . . November 2015

Best Things


November is over.  NaBloPoMo is over.  Thanksgiving is over.  Brian's wedding celebration is over.  I'm sort of feeling like crawling back into bed and covering my head today.   (No doubt about it . . . November was a busy month!)


Ten on Tuesday calls!


Today, Carole asks us about the Ten Best Things We Did in November. Here goes . . . 


1 - I saw/heard two fabulous speakers:  Ta-Nehisi Coates and Gloria Steinem.  (Yep. Right here in Kalamazoo.)

2 - My mom and I had a successful shopping trip to find her a fabulous outfit for Brian's wedding reception.  (Chicos to the rescue!)

3 - I completed a 6-week "Introduction to Lakes" course through MSU.  (Go ahead.  Ask me about phragmites, watersheds, or riparian rights.)


4 - I spent some time with my Uncle Tom, who was visiting my parents earlier this month.  (He's my dad's younger brother.)

5 - I finished a knitting project.  (To be blogged soon.)

6 - And went to two concerts, a play, and a movie.  (Symphony, chamber music, one-man show, and Suffragette.)


7 - I "directed" several home improvement projects.  (And moved back into my bathroom.)  (Another future blog post you can look forward to.)

8 - I had a mammogram.  (All clear.)

9 - And then planned - and carried out - a pretty darn wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  (And gingerbread house decorating extravaganza.)   (More later.)


10 - But probably best of all -- I celebrated Brian and Lauren's wedding at a really fabulous reception.  (Very exciting.  And, again . . . more later.)

How about YOU?  What was the Best Thing YOU did this month?


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