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Yesterday, I pulled out my Thanksgiving recipes and cookbooks so I could make my shopping list.  (The menu itself is easy.  It hasn't changed in over 20 years!)


I love the "history" there on the pages.

The drips.

The stains.

The fact that the book opens up RIGHT to the dressing page (even without the bookmark ribbon).

Which got me thinking.  I really USE some of my cookbooks.


I pack them with random bookmarks . . . 


so I can remember the recipes I really liked - or want to try.


Often, the binding just doesn't hold up to my use!


I also write notes on the pages . . .


To note our reactions.


Or to make notes for future attempts.


And to note changes if the recipe is to be salvaged.


I've even got Tom in the habit now!  (This is his turkey "procedural.")


Sometimes I even create a little mini-table of contents inside the front cover -- for my special favorites that might be hard to find quickly.


And sometimes . . . I discover (later) that I've created some "artwork" on the pages of my most used cookbooks.


I own a lot of cookbooks - and (thanks to my recent KonMari-ing), I find joy in all of them.

Some, though?  They're USED and LOVED a whole lot more than others!


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My pie cookbook looks a lot like that. I used to write notes in my cookbooks, too, but I've gotten out of the habit. Thanks for this trip down cookbook memory lane!


The stains are both beautiful and historic! After cleaning out my cookbooks, I now have about 8 or 10, but I use them all. After 26 years of making Thanksgiving I still don't have a really excellent, not bland, truly delicious stuffing recipe. So what one do you make from that first spattered page?


Have Google-located that apricot mustard glaze recipe and am looking forward to trying it!


Oh, whoops! This is supposed to be about an actual Cookbook round up. Well, in that case, I still use a verysimple but effective pan-sautéed chicken breast recipe from Joy of Cooking, one of my most used of many cookbooks. Thanks for a tour of your cooking adventures, Kym!


My original Joy of Cooking looks EXACTLY like yours. ripped in the same place. (I asked for and got a newer edition for Christmas one year, but I still prefer the original.)


Love seeing all your various notes and artwork. It shows you really love food, family and sharing the love.


I love cookbooks! I love some of your notes. Mine are usually related to cooking time, but I do have some cookbooks where I have written "THIS IS TERRIBLE" on the recipe. Sadly, though, I can't remember if it was something I ever tried to improve on, but don't want to find out the hard way ...

Thanksgiving cooking is the best. :-)


I love the history on those pages. I really should write more notes on my recipes. I'm down to 8-10 cookbooks as well. And I do love them all too.


It makes sense to write notes and make these cookbooks yor own. Now you have a history of your special meals and celebrations!


We're cookbook twins!


I see myself and my cookbooks library in each and every word and photo of this post!
I have one book that all I ever cooked from it is one recipe but I made this one oh so many times - weird!
Other I buy for the photos and the look - do you do this too? :)

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