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Apparently Still a Lemming


Back in my middle school and early high school years, I was quite a lemming.*

But Mooooooooom . . . EVERYBODY is wearing them.

Oh, c'mon Mom . . . EVERYBODY is going.

Mooooom, I want [my ears pierced] [my hair cut] [my jeans too tight] [to wear incredibly short skirts]. . . just like EVERYBODY.

It's okay, Mom . . . EVERYBODY is doing it.

My Mom (never one to be fooled by lemming tactics) always gave me this line, "If EVERYBODY jumped off a cliff, would you follow?"

Well, DUH.

(Of course.)  (Because lemming.)

And . . . apparently I am STILL a lemming.  Because I hadn't heard about the March Through Time KAL (Knit-A-Long) until Vicki first blogged about signing on.

And then Margene joined.

And Carole.  

And Kim.

So, of course, I looked closer.

March Through Time

And I discovered that this is a rather unique and very cool KAL.  Because knitting (a cowl) AND fitness (walking).  (But not at the same time.)  (Although I saw MANY knitters doing just that at Rhinebeck.) (Ahem.)

Now, I am already a very regular fitness person.  I swim and I spin and I do Pilates and yoga.  I also walk my dogs.



(But I get lazy about walking them when the weather is not so great.)

So I decided that this KAL might be a great way to motivate myself to walk the dogs daily - and especially when it's rainy or chilly or I'm busy.


But also happy and healthy dogs!


Big WIN all around!

(Join us.  EVERYBODY is doing it.)


* I was going to include a video clip of lemmings plunging over a cliff.  But, oh man.  Too horrifying.



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Yup, Vicki (and the fact that I also need motivation to walk at this time of year) turned me into a lemming. Growing up in the east, my mother's reply was, "If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you follow?" I guess you had more cliffs than bridges in the west!


Yep, I'm still very much a lemming, but so far my friends have lead me to do fabulous things and not one of them has jumped off a cliff! My fortitude has been challenged the last couple of days, but tonight...I'M WALKING come hell or high water.


Maybe we aren't lemmings but pack animals? It sounds better, at least! Enjoy your daily walks!


I'm doing the March Through Time as well! I can't wait to see everyone's results, both knitting and walking-wise.

I love seeing your pups. Our pup is soooo slow, that I always tell my husband he is the only dog where, when you walk him, you actually *gain* weight ... :-)


No. Not looking. Not considering. (Been talking myself out of it for a week.) Need my honey cowl. No. No. No. Though I have been walking Boone more. No. :-)


Hahaha! I will never lead anyone off a cliff... unless there's plenty of fluffy wool to break the fall!! ;) So glad you're joining in. It's the perfect time of year (usually) for some additional motivation to get out there! Cowl Clue #1 was finished pretty quick.


...also, I've witnessed same at Rhinebeck and even on the streets of New York City, but have ZERO desire myself to knit and walk at the same time. Just sayin'.


steps are where it's at! glad you caught on...and I can't wait to see what y'all get up to. know you'll be safe...keep the steps and the stitches separate!


Okay...you've all convinced me...I'm in! I've never done a KAL before because I want to see the finished product before I cast on. I'm always skeptical that I won't love it in the end (remember - only keep that which brings you joy!), but I'm throwing caution to the wind and jumping in...thanks for the push I needed!


Ok I must say my heart is leaping with joy as I read these comments! You are all amazing. How you are encouraging each other is phenomenal. I must say I am not a big fan of mKALs because I too, want to know what I am knitting. I can assure you this is beautiful but the best thing is that this cowl is all about the process.


Oknitters are a bit like lemmings. We do "encourage" each other into all kinds of things...KALs, giant yarn stashes, etc. That's what I love about the yarn community. We help each other! Looking forward to seeing your KAL and walking progress.


How did I miss this one? When I was in junior high (clue to advanced age), short skirts became popular, so I would get to school early to hit the restroom and roll up my too long skirt! Resisting the KAL because of a large cue of Christmas knitting!

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