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Giving Thanks


It's that time of year . . . when we focus, especially, on things we're thankful for.  

Snowy hydrangea

Now, I'm always thankful for the things you'd imagine I'd be thankful for . . . 





But . . . today Carole asks us . . . what are we thankful for RIGHT NOW.


Here are the things I'm thankful for - stream-of-consciousness-style . . . right now:

  1. That the snow happened last weekend.  Not this weekend.  (Because I want my kids and my parents to be able to travel to my house safely and without weather-hassles this Thanksgiving.)
  2. That I've already done my Thanksgiving shopping.  (Except for the turkey.  I'm hoping Tom will pick that up on his way home today.)
  3. That I enjoy the right to vote.  (Yeah.  I saw Suffragette this weekend.)  (Go see it.)  (You'll thank a Suffragette.)
  4. That my kids love me and turn to me for support.  (Even though they're grown and on their own.)
  5. That I do not have to take the GRE again.  Ever.  In my whole life.  (Because I did that once and it was miserable.)
  6. Wine sales.  (Because stocking up is a good thing.)
  7. Music . . . 
  8. and Humor.  (And especially when they intersect, like . . . here.)
  9. My dogs . . . having them, playing with them, hanging out with them.
  10. Plenty.  Because no matter how you slice it, that's what I've got.

How about YOU?  What are you thankful for . . . right now?


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