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Giving Thanks


It's that time of year . . . when we focus, especially, on things we're thankful for.  

Snowy hydrangea

Now, I'm always thankful for the things you'd imagine I'd be thankful for . . . 





But . . . today Carole asks us . . . what are we thankful for RIGHT NOW.


Here are the things I'm thankful for - stream-of-consciousness-style . . . right now:

  1. That the snow happened last weekend.  Not this weekend.  (Because I want my kids and my parents to be able to travel to my house safely and without weather-hassles this Thanksgiving.)
  2. That I've already done my Thanksgiving shopping.  (Except for the turkey.  I'm hoping Tom will pick that up on his way home today.)
  3. That I enjoy the right to vote.  (Yeah.  I saw Suffragette this weekend.)  (Go see it.)  (You'll thank a Suffragette.)
  4. That my kids love me and turn to me for support.  (Even though they're grown and on their own.)
  5. That I do not have to take the GRE again.  Ever.  In my whole life.  (Because I did that once and it was miserable.)
  6. Wine sales.  (Because stocking up is a good thing.)
  7. Music . . . 
  8. and Humor.  (And especially when they intersect, like . . . here.)
  9. My dogs . . . having them, playing with them, hanging out with them.
  10. Plenty.  Because no matter how you slice it, that's what I've got.

How about YOU?  What are you thankful for . . . right now?


Join the fun!  See what everyone else has to say today here.



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That's a great list. Suffragette was so good. It's been awhile since I cried in a movie, but oh it was humbling. #10. It's so true. xox


You may be extra-thankful that you're not shopping with the rest of the country on Wednesday. Hope everyone arrives safely for food, wine, music, humor, and plenty!


Terrific stream of consciousness list. You must be SO excited for this holiday in particular!

Denise T.

Love the whole list but hurrah for # 3,4,5,6. Happy Thanksgiving!


#10 says it all my friend. :-) And well, #6 is pretty good too.


Great list! Especially plenty!

Kim in Oregon

#5! And I had to take the GMAT too!

kathy b

THankful for carole's ten on tuesday prompts


Suffragette - on my list to see, thank you for the recommendation!

Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!


Your list made me smile inside and out. Especially "Plenty"!


Oooh, looking forward to Suffragette! I discovered Masterpiece Theater when "Shoulder to Shoulder" was first aired... it never gets old.


A variant on #5 - that I never, ever have to go to school again (if'n I don't want to).

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