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I'm ba-a-ck!

I'll share stories and photos from my recent adventures later this week.  For today?  I'm going to be busy unpacking and settling into "real life."


This week, Carole wonders what we take with us in a travel tote bag.  Since I'm unpacking mine today, this one is kind of a no-brainer for me.  Here are 10 Things I'm Taking OUT of my Travel Tote Bag today:

  1. Passport (even when doing "domestic" travel; it speeds the security process and means I don't have to dig my driver's license out of my wallet)
  2. Wallet (which has a strap, so I can wear it, too, if I want)
  3. Phone (there's a place for it in my tote bag, but mostly I just carry it around)
  4. "Cheaters" (because I cannot read without them)
  5. iPad (because books, knitting instructions, and endless hours of entertainment; mine's a "mini" so it can fit easily)
  6. Bottled water (it's important to keep hydrated, and especially when you travel)
  7. Knitting project (even if I never take it out of the tote bag, I know it's there)
  8. Shawl (for chilly airplanes, or as an extra layer to wear when the weather turns)  (as it does)
  9. Umbrella (something you need when you need it, y'know?)
  10. Chapstick (because I don't leave home without it)

How about YOU?  What do you take with you in a travel tote bag?


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That is the travel tote of a well-prepared and organized traveler! I've never carried my passport for domestic travel, but as I'm flying later this week, I think I'll give it a try. Thanks! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.


I'm amazed at how many things on everyone's lists are the same - you and Carole seem like you could share the same travel bag! And you are motivating me to update the last name on my passport so that I can use that at the airport to get through faster.


Oh my goodness - are our lists identical? LOL.


Carole didn't mention water, but it seems like a good idea. I added a snack (you just never know). Alas, I have graduated from cheaters to progressives!


Welcome home. Glad that well stocked tote served you well. :-)


This travel weekend I had a wallet, small make-up bag, travel sized hand lotion (Aveeno Skin Relief), gum especially after eating at the Mediterranean Grill at Detroit Metro, cell phone, knitting project (Entrelac Scarf) , jewelry for the wedding events ( too many horror stories of ripped off jewelry by baggage claim), tissues, eye glasses wipes, and my Deep End scarf peeking out at the top of it all. Love it's softness and bright colors. Oh and a bar of dark chocolate to share on the flight.


You know more about packing light than anyone else I know!

Kim in Oregon

I always forget water!


I'm addding a shawl to my list.
You are right, just knowing the knitting is handy gives comfort and security.


Narrowing it down to 10 items was difficult!


you and Carole with your shawls and umbrellas...in other words "happy to see you back" :-)

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