Charmed, I'm Sure
The Golden Time (but you know what that means. . .)

Adventures in Rhinebeck


Ask any knitter.  
They'll tell you (whether they've been there or not) that Rhinebeck is all about . . . 






And . . . well . . . now that I've been there,


I can tell you - first hand - that, indeed . . . Rhinebeck is all about . . . 



From the moment you enter (and, really, even before . . . if traffic is heavy over the bridge. . . ) you will encounter lines at Rhinebeck.  Parking.  Entrance gates. Getting IN to a yarn vendor's booth.  PAYING at a yarn vendor's booth.  Bathrooms.  Food.  The lines are endless!  (Really.  People.  You can buy Miss Babs' yarn online.)



It's a Rhinebeck Tradition . . . to knit - and then wear - a new sweater for Rhinebeck.  I did not do this.  Patty did not do this.  (But both of us wore handknit shawls.)  We did see lots of sweaters, though.  Some were really cool.  Some were really horrid.  Some were worn layered with so many other hand knits -- shawls and hats and mitts and socks and scarves -- that you could barely SEE the sweater.  But mostly?  We saw this hat.  It was EVERYWHERE at Rhinebeck this year.



Yeah.  We've all heard about how great the artichokes are at Rhinebeck.  We've also heard that you sometimes need to wait in a line for 45 minutes to get those artichokes.  I'm here to tell you . . . 45 minutes would be a SHORT wait.  We did not try the artichokes.  (Or any other food, for that matter.)  (The lines were ungodly.)  (Just sayin.)



So. Much. Yarn.  So much that even when you SWORE YOU DID NOT NEED ANY YARN . . . you still walk out with yarn.  (You are simply helpless at Rhinebeck.)

Really.  Overwhelming.  After only a few hours, Patty and I felt a little like zombies.


We want yarn!

More yarn.

It was all so much over the top.  

We needed sustenance, so we headed . . . 


Really.  Rhinebeck was a wonderful experience, and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to take it all in.  (But, oh man.  I was ready for a beer!)



While in the area, we did a number of other really wonderful things that didn't involve fiber or people or lines (or, sadly, artichokes).

We visited the Eveready Diner for lunch.


We visited the Vanderbilt Mansion . . . where they happened to have gardens.


And we enjoyed unbelievable views of the Hudson River.


What a beautiful part of the world!



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It didn't used to be quite that bad with the lines and all. But yeah, I've heard it's gotten pretty ridiculous. Bummer that the artichoke line was too long for you to give them a try. I did figure out a pretty good way to make them at home, though, and mine aren't deep fried so that's a little healthier. I have one other thing to say, though. Main Event? Rhinebeck? I'm crushed.


Every year I feel a tiny bit sad that all the cool kids are at Rhinebeck and I'm not, but your post has me feeling less sad. It's beautiful, and I would do it as a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but I don't personally need artichokes (or even yarn!) enough to stand in crazy long lines for them. Love seeing the other Rhinebeck-adjacent places you and Patty visited! (Roses in October!)

April McLain

Okay I'm with Bonny. Thank you for quenching the envy I harbor for lucky Rhinebeck attendees. I think I would enjoy the people watching from the picnic tables (seen in a video on the Mason-Dixon knitting blog). But I am one of those that gets in line, evaluates if said line is going anywhere soon, and then talks myself out of whatever is at the head of the line. I would love to try the diner and tour the mansion. Great choices! Thanks for sharing.


It was fun but yes, zombies...and yes we needed the bar! And those gardens were beautiful, can you imagine them in July!


Exactly my sentiments especially about buying Ms. Babs online!

I too didn't stand in any line so no food sampling was done and we chose to go and explore the mountains around Rhinebeck on the Sunday of our visit... we had a spectacular day!

Oh and I too bought yarn at the end....


In the good old days, Rhinebeck wasn't that crazy with the lines and people were not EVERYWHERE. We could get food and buy some of the coveted yarn and meet up with friends without first texting them. Anyway, Rhinebeck is meant to be experienced at least once and I would say your trip was worth it for the cottage, for the Eveready, the Vanderbuilt gardens, and for CAROLE! Besides, RHINEBECK! You've can say you've been!


Isn't the Vanderbilt mansion great? I had a chance to go there a year or so ago with my mom & cousin. We had a lovely time. We also went to Storm King on that weekend getaway which is a great spot if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods again. It's a huge outdoor sculpture park and it's amazing.


I'm with Bonny--this cool kid does not like crowds or lines or waiting--spoiled brat, huh? I did go to the Fiber Fest in Salida this fall. It was just the right size! Anyway, seeing the beautiful scenery and scoring some gorgeous new yarn makes up for a lot!

Cheryl S.

I'll skip Rhinebeck and the lines and go directly to the bar, thank you very much.


I'm happy to miss the lines and enjoy the rest of the experience vicariously. thank you for sharing the wonderful photos (and reiterating why I don't need to see it in person!)


I went 3 years in a row back in the early days of my blogging, and miss it (MY PEOPLE) every year! BUT, I'm very happy that it wasn't this level of crazy back in the day and I'm not sure I could take it now.


Sorry I missed this earlier! Life must have been happening. First, thank you for the picture of the beer! I am getting to like beer more than wine these days, and could always do with more company - virtual or otherwise. Second, thank you for always, always wearing your knits so chic-ly. Nothing wrong with dowdy - sometimes I am dowdy from one end of the week to the other! - but it doesn't always give knitting a good name, y'know?, and I tend to find chic more inspiring. And thirdly, lines or no lines one day - as God is my witness! - I am going to get to Rhinebeck before I am wheeled in. And I intend to bring along lots of garter stitch projects so I can knit IN LINE at the food booths, at least, and feel I have made use of the entire experience. Thanks for the great pictures!

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