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November 1 is this Sunday.

You know what that means?  (And I'm not talking about the time change; although that is happening, too.)  In BlogLand . . . November 1 is the first day of NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Posting Month).


Yep.  During NaBloPoMo, many bloggers commit to blogging every day for the entire month of November!


Who knows.  But it's a Challenge.  (And we all love a Challenge!)


This week, Carole asks us for 10 Tips/Ideas/Topics for Daily Blogging in November.  I've done the NaBloPoMo thing a few times in the past (although I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to commit this year).  Here are some tips for making this challenge work for you:

  1. Print out a calendar and plot your posts for the month.  (It's brutal when you're trying to figure out what you're going to say/post at the last moment -- and not much fun, either.  Plan ahead.)
  2. Talk your blog friends into committing along with you.  (Like most challenges, it doesn't feel so hard when you're doing it together.)
  3. Come up with a good mix of longer posts and short posts each week.  (It's not so overwhelming when it's "just a photo" or "just a quote.")
  4. Create patterns for your posting.  Sign up for Ten on Tuesday, and then you have each Tuesday taken care of.  Do Wordless Wednesday ("just a photo") every Wednesday, and #tbt every Thursday.  (If you keep to a pattern, you don't have to feel creative every day.)
  5. Find especially simple and fun weekend topics -- like Saturday Skies (a photo of your sky each Saturday) or Sunday is for Poetry (my personal favorite).  (It's not so daunting to post on the weekend when it's simple -- or something you like anyway.)
  6. Keep to a posting routine.  For example, I prepare my post for the next day each night before I sit down with a glass of wine.  (Oh, who am I tring to kid?  I pour the wine first.)
  7. Carry your camera with you all month so you can capture interesting (or even mundane) things digitally -- and then share them as a blog post.
  8. Combine a weekly topic with something you want to do anyway for maximum impact. (I'm thinking . . . KonMari Monday . . . where I can blog what I cleared out over the weekend.)
  9. Join one of the NaBloPoMo groups for prompts and links and prizes.  (I've never done this as it's just not my thing.  If you like esprit de corps, though, it might be just the ticket!)
  10. Above all, remember -- in the end, it really doesn't matter if you meet the challenge or not.  There are no grades; no prizes; no recognition at all.  It's just for fun -- to get you in the habit of blogging more.  (You might even like it!)

(Oh, geez.  Have I just talked myself into this again?)

How about YOU?  Are you going to participate in NaBloPoMo?  


Join the fun! Sign up to recieve Ten on Tuesday prompts here - or read other lists here


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Good luck with the challenge!


I printed out a calendar last week and I've been filling it with ideas. It's the ONLY way I'll have half a chance of getting through. I'll post ahead when I can, too. I need encouragement and a buddy. Don't get too far away, I might be begging for help. :)


I like the idea of a calendar, I hadn't thought of that. I think I'm in.


I'm in. Hope you are too. :-) Off to print my calendar...


I agree - having the camera with you at all times is very helpful. The calendar idea is good too. I'm going to put some ideas down in mine today.

Kim in Oregon

#7 is great---I always forget my camera so I'm gong to be much more photographic in November!


You and Carole both directed your post to bloggers. I'm just glad that you're all out there. And, I love the poetry you post!


NaBloPoMo is an offshoot of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) -- there are some people who commit to THAT, year after year after year!! And, actually, some of us (ahem, Rachael Herron) credits NaNoWriMo with really giving her the push to DO IT.

NaBloPoMo is NOTHING compared to that!! ;) You can do it... and I hope you do!!


Fantastic list - I never even thought about printing out a calendar and actually plotting posts out, but that appeals to the list maker in me, so I'm going to do it. Thank you!


As an avid blog reader, I love NaBloPoMo because I get to read more blog posts! I'll be out here reading every one.


Can I actually do it this year? I really need a blogging boost, so... YES! I'm in!


of COURSE you're doing this! and not only because daily blogging with wine is the best way to go ;-) btw - THIRD smile about the elopement...when I clicked through, the announcement photo was featured on your sidebar.

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