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Doing it Their Way . . . Perfectly

Last May, I shared this happy news.

Then, one day in July, I got a text:

Mom, if you didn't see me get married, would it break your heart?

I remember swallowing hard, and then quickly typing:

Absolutely not!

Because . . . I firmly believe that weddings should be whatever the couple wants.  Some brides want a storybook wedding with all the bells and whistles.  And some don't.  Some girls have dreamed of being a bride all their lives.  And some haven't.  Some couples want to pull out all the stops.  And some want to save up for a house.  

I think that weddings should be perfect -- for the couple.

(Even when the couple includes my kid!)

Brian and Lauren (now living in Colorado) decided they wanted a "destination elopement" -- private, romantic, meaningful, and picturesque.


They were married yesterday.


On Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder.


Just what they wanted! Absolutely perfect.

(I am thrilled.)


Wedding photographs by Alyssa Mc Elheny Photography.



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Wellp. First of all, best wishes for a lifetime of happiness to the newlyweds! And second of all, you are such a good mom. The pictures are romantic and stunning and HOT. And those flowers! Yowza.


Congratulations and best wishes to them both! Good for you for being supportive of their decision! So many families get hung up on these things. The photos are stunning and beautiful!


Congratulations. You are so right regarding a wedding being what the couple wants. My Boulder, CO daughter has lived there for 12 years and when she decided to marry it was in view of the mountains she loves. That meant a very different wedding, perfect for her and her hubby.
Best wishes to the lovely couple!

Kim sweet! My son and his wife did the same thing and eloped to New Orleans where they had a romantic week. I agree, I think a couple's wedding should be exactly what they want it to be.

Your daughter in law looked lovely! <3


Such beautiful photos. Congratulations to the lovely couple. Wishing them a lifetime of beautiful moments.


Congratulations!! That is so wonderful -- everything about it. The main thing is their happiness and, well, there's no denying that. The photos are beautiful and they are a lovely couple.


These pictures are just wonderful! Congratulations Brian and Lauren, here's to many, many, many years of love and happiness!


Congratulations & best wishes to the lovely couple!


I'll admit to a little lump in my throat when I read Brian's text but that was quickly replaced by admiration - for a caring son that asks his mother's opinion but also knows his own mind, and for the wonderful mother that you are. Wishing Brian and Lauren much love, health, and happiness!


It's nice to know that someone else in the world believes it is up to the couple to decide on their wedding. They will always remember that, and you can know they had just what they wanted, even if you wish you could have been there.

Congratulations to them!


Congratulation to the young couple and the very smart mother. Mazal tov to all.


Lauren and Brian are starting off their lifetime together by doing it "their way". Even though you wish with all your heart you could have been with them, you know with all your heart they are very happy. They certainly know how to do romance!!

Kim in Oregon

Wow congratulations! It looks like it was beautiful. And good for you for being a good Mother in this situation. Many won't (ask me how I know!)

Cheryl S.

You're a good mom - I know it must have been a bit hard.
Congrats to the lovely couple!


The photos are gorgeous! I love that you let them follow their hearts and make their unique choice. Congratulations, Mom!


When my sons were little, I would often daydream about their weddings. I pictured them standing at the front of our old family church, watching the bride come down that long aisle. Well, neither one of them got married at that church. One got married on the beach in Maui with just immediate family watching and the other had a small outdoor wedding.

So I never got to actually live out my daydreams, but watching the boys as loving husbands more than makes up for it.

Congratulations to your son and his wife and to you and the rest of the family.


Congratulations, Kym! You're a true selfless mom... It's always about what makes our kids happy, isn't it? The photos are spectacular too. Gorgeous couple (and maybe, later, beautiful grandkids to spoil:))

Sue N

How fabulous. How wise of them. Enjoy the celebrations xxx


Congratulations and blessings to the bride and groom! It does indeed appear to have been a beautiful wedding. And kudos to you for being able to be so generous to give up being there! I would have had a VERY hard time with that!


Happy happy to all involved!

Julia in KW

Congratulations to all...your son and his lovely bride,who knew what they want and going for it...and to you and your husband, for being wonderful understanding parents who know that their children are grown up and making decisions about what is right for them...and letting them do it! Lovely family - both where you live and where they live!


Congratulations to EVERYone! the photos are beautiful...surely documenting the very beginning of a long and wonderful marriage. *happy sighs*


I echo everyone else's comments. Particularly Shirley's. Still it must have been hard. But they looked so happy, and you have those beautiful pictures. And he asked you ahead of time. And there is lots more to their marriage that you will witness. And you responded in the right way. (Kids just never do what you expect, do they?)


Congratulations all around! It is my hope one day that I will be able to let my son fly free to live out the choices he wants...and that he would be so sweet as to reach out to me ahead of time. Your son has a beautiful heart....caring for both of the special women in his life. (Thankfully I have a while to get where you are. Mine is only 14.)

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