Not One Stitch
Adventures in Rhinebeck

Charmed, I'm Sure

After spending a few days with Carole, we met up with Patty (I believe they referred to this as "The Handoff").  The three of us ate lunch at an Indian restaurant in a converted Taco Bell.  (The Taco Bell sign - and the drive-up - were still there.  Which was a bit confusing.)  

Then Patty and I began our Trek to Rhinebeck.


That's Patty, standing at the shore of Lake Dennison -- just down the road from her home in northern Massachusetts.  (Where I also got to meet her wonderful husband, Doug, and Boone, who many of you know already from Patty's blog.  Boone is an absolute sweetheart!)  

(We won't mention the fact that it was snowing just moments before I took this photo.  No.  We won't.)

Before I get to our Rhinebeck Adventure, though (tune in tomorrow. . . ), I must pause to show you the MOST CHARMING rental house ever.  


Patty found it using airbnb -- months and months and months ago.

This house, located in Woodstock (yeah, that Woodstock), was billed on airbnb as "an artist's paradise." And . . . it was!

Here's the studio . . . 


Seriously, this place felt like we had stepped into a photo shoot!

The comfortable and inviting living room (where we DID knit, by the way) . . . 


The unbelievably wonderful kitchen (especially once we figured out how to make french press coffee) (thank you, YouTube) . . . 


My bedroom upstairs (no photos of either of the claw-foot bathtubs, though; not because I didn't try - but because they didn't turn out) (man, those tubs are hard to get in and out of ) . . .


And a screened in porch off the back of the house (but, sadly, it was too frickin' cold to spend any time out there) . . .


Really.  Everywhere we looked, there was loveliness . . . 


Sweet little vignettes . . . 


and whimsical touches.


The placed DRIPPED with charm!  (And, yeah.  That's a garden shed out back.)  (Of course.)


I just kept repeating, "It's so charming!

Over and over and over again.  (I'm pretty sure Patty was ready to choke me if I said it again.)

We were so comfortable in - and so charmed by - this house, I'm surprised we made it to Rhinebeck at all.  (But we did.)

So. Charmed.