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Working on My Fitness: A Fresh Start

(Okay.  So you may wonder what this photo . . . 


has to do with fitness.)  (Read on.  It will become clear.)

Way back in January, when I was setting my intentions and goals for the year and thinking about the whole JOURNEY thing, I stated that I wanted to "shake up my fitness routine this year."  At the time, way back in January, I knew this would be a challenge.  Not the fitness part (because that's easy for me) -- but the shaking it up part.  Because I liked what I was already doing:  running, dancing, kickboxing.  But it was beginning to feel a bit . . . automatic.  (And besides, I was noticing a bit more arm-jiggle and knew I needed to add some weight training.  Or something.)  So.  Shake it up.

But how?  Because, as it turned out, I didn't really want to give anything up. . . 

Enter:  LIFE.

First, there was the ankle tendinitis issue.

Then, there was the knee issue that flared up as a result of fixing the ankle tendinitis issue.

That'll do it!

No more running.  No more dancing.  No more kickboxing.

BIG shakeup.  Nothing BUT shakeup, in fact!  I needed to strip everything away (except yoga and spinning) and start from scratch.

I started swimming again.  I got back into Pilates.  I discovered that the elliptical machine can be okay in 30 minute bursts.  I found another good spinning instructor.

And this morning - at 5:45 AM, mind you - I found out that I like Power Yoga.  (I might like it a little more if it were offered a bit later in the morning, but oh well. . . )

And THAT . . . is how the photo of the sun rising over my butterfly garden relates to a blog post about fitness.  Because this morning, after Power Yoga and some time on the elliptical machine, I arrived home in time to SEE the sun rise over my butterfly garden.

Although it has been a disappointing year, fitness-wise, in many respects (I really did love my dance class, y'know, and I was kind of getting into the running thing), it's ending out just fine.  The forced time off - and the resulting "re-thinking" about how to protect myself from further injury - have paid off with a fitness Fresh Start.

I'm finally getting that 'shake-up' I was looking for back in January!  (Still trying to get that arm-jiggle under control, though. . .



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Woo Hoo! Due to necessity I've been an early a.m.'er for many, many years. You get used to it! Enjoy your new routine my friend!


Love that picture!


I love watching the sun rise and set. Such a bonus! :-) Yeah, I had to do the time off thing due to a knee injury and subsequent knee surgery last year. Running has been taken off my plate sadly. Got my shake-up finally in January when I was cleared to get back into the gym. Keep at it. It gets better.


That's a beautiful sunrise! It's been shining in my rear- and side-view mirrors of late on the way to work!!


It's so wonderful to have the bonus of a sunrise when you wake early in the day. I see you as a Power Yoga lover and I hope it keeps any further issues at bay. I may be joining a rec center with a pool to take advantage of swimming and water aerobics as recommended by my PT. I feel like my body will now allow a fitness routine to happen.


I can hear my grandmother telling me, "Be careful what you wish for!" I am sorry that this came about as a result of injuries, but glad that your fresh start sounds like it's working really well. Enjoy the sunrises!


You are both lovely and fit, but I hate to tell you--I don't think there's a lot that can be done with the arm thang....let me know if you learn different!


Yay for your fitness!


This is a very positive attitude on changes that you might not have welcomed.


Good for you! I bet you wouldn't have made those changes if your injuries hadn't forced them upon you. It is good to get it done early in the day but I leave for work too early most days to manage that. I did (finally) get back to the Y last week. Hooray!


:-) when I clicked through to write this comment, the photo in the upper left was a butterfly. I love how you've found the shake up... because you let yourself be open to the possibilities and opportunities despite the apparent set-backs. I'll bet that upper arm stuff doesn't last long with power planks and yoga pushups either!


The gym at the university here offers memberships at a great price, but you have to be willing to work out between 5:30 & 7am. It's only a 5 min. drive for me and I love my early morning workouts. Good luck with your new routines!

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