Words in the Wild: Friday Edition

Weekending . . . Ten on Tuesday Style

We kept ourselves quite busy all through this long, hot Labor Day weekend.  It won't be any trouble at all for me to tell you Ten Things I Did This Weekend, à la Ten on Tuesday.


1 - On Friday, I helped Tom transfer his latest beer batch from one large container to another (which is trickier than it sounds).  The stuff in this photo is called the trub . . . or what's left in the bottom of the container after a successful "first stage fermentation." (And this means we're one week closer to our own IPA!)


2 - Then we headed for Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids to see John Hiatt perform in the outdoor amphitheatre. I love sitting outside in my lawn chair, sipping a beer, watching the  geese and herons fly overhead, seeing the sun go down . . . all while enjoying a great concert.  (And it was great.)


3 - On Saturday morning, the dogs and I had a very exciting walk . . . where we discovered a (dead) snake in the road, a huge (very live) wasp nest in a tree, and a giant (also live) cicada in the grass (near the J-pups' favorite pee-corner).  So much to check out.


4 - On Saturday afternoon we headed up to the cottage for a quick overnight. . . and one last sit on the dock and (probably) the last swim for the dogs.  (We won't be back up until October.)


5 - Because then we took the docks out for the season.  (Always kind of sad; summer goes by too quickly, y'know?)


6 -- I knit almost all of one sleeve for this sweater.  I also taught myself to cable without a cable needle.  (I know.  I'm like the only knitter on the planet stubborn enough to continue with a cable needle.  So it was time.)  (Bonus:  I'll get plenty of practice on this sweater.)


7 - I re-did my front porch containers with more fall-ish flowers.  (The summer batch was looking really, really tired.)  (Maybe even dead.)


8 - I read a book  - Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal.  I highly recommend it!  Just delightful.


9 - We had a little cook-out, just Tom and I.


10 - And I spent plenty of time just kicking back with Tom and the dogs . . . enjoying a long, pleasant summer weekend.

How about YOU?  What did you do this weekend?


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Sounds like a great weekend! What do you do with the "trub"? My husband brews as well. During his first year of brewing I really didn't think about where he was disposing of the waste from his brews - until the next summer when a large pottery urn seemed to be filled with cement. He had been pouring the waste into my planter and it was one solid mess - and obviously killed the perennials I had planted in it.


Trub doesn't look or sound very appetizing, but it must be a good thing if it leads to your own IPA. I'm still a cable needle holdout (the needle was my grandmother's so I use it). Love your front porch flowers!


To this day, I think cabling without a cable needle is magical. I learned from Grumperina's tutorial. And, you knew that docks come out? Makes sense, but it had never occurred to me.


Smith had to try his latest brew this weekend (a little early) and it had a nice head and a smooth taste. He said it tasted good and should age nicely. He's pleased! Sorry to see summer up north end. Hope Jenny and Jo-Jo had a nice last swim for the year. Hopefully there is still some summer to enjoy!


Great weekend...sad about the dock thing though! And I've read the c-w-o-a-c-needle thing but haven't ever given it a shot. One day...yeah when I learn continental too. :-)


It sounds like it was a peaceful and relaxing weekend!
I need to do the same thing with my flower pots....they are looking a little sad now too.


Fantastic weekend! And you aren't the only one who still uses a cable needle. I find that, depending on the yarn and the pattern, sometimes it's faster to use a cable needle.


I still use a cable needle - you are not alone! But apparently I am now! I'm glad you had a nice weekend.


What a perfect weekend! I love cabling without a cable needle, I feel like it makes it go so much faster, once you remember which way twists left and which way twists right. I'm not ready for summer to end but I need to freshen up my outdoor flowers, too. Maybe after the 90s that we're having this week are over!


I still use a cable needle, so now I may be the last! I love your fall flowers, I'll be working on fall flowers once this heat breaks. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, hope your week is wonderful too!

Cheryl S.

What a great weekend!

Lydia S

Putting your feet up and enjoying an adult beverage is one of the best things about long weekends. Plenty of time to do that and the other required adult activities-laundry, house cleaning etc.!


Fun weekend! That Henley sweater is purely your style. And I just requested Kitchens from my library.


Your weekend sounds delightful - relaxing and productive! Not sure how one extra day seems like SO MUCH more time, but it does. and you made good use of it!


I've been wondering about that book, it's been popping up here and there. Thanks!!

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