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BINGO: The Wrap Up

September = Fresh Start (And, yeah. You're in the right place.)

And suddenly you know:  It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
                                                                                                     ---Meister Eckhart


If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that I think of September as the beginning of the year.  (I guess that old academic calendar is firmly embedded in my psyche.)  

September . . . just always reminds me of new shoes and fresh crayons and a new lunch box. Starting over in a new grade with a blank slate and a year full of possibilities.

So now seems like the perfect time to roll out a fresh look for my blog!  There will likely be some further tweaks as I work with this new format, but it's a good start.

September.  Let's begin!


My special thanks to Vicki, who designed my new blog banner and provided much-needed technical support along the way.  XO Vicki!   


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And in the spirit of new (says Webster's) awesomesauce!


Nicely done!


What a beautiful fresh start!


It looks great!!


It looks great! I always thought of September as the beginning of the year as well. :)


Oh grrl!! This looks awesome! I'm envious of the Instagram at a glance feed. So cool. I have been completely detach from my blog and this looks so good it's giving me ideas and renewed interest. This space is YOU! The colors, the warmth, the joy!! Great job to you both for a wonderful place to visit!


Your blog looks great! September is my favorite month! Enjoy!


Yay! Happy New Year!! ;)


I love the new look. Very fresh and grounded!


I love the new look! And I totally agree about September being the true start of the new year. Dale and Hannah both went back to school this week and I have a new lease on routines and fresh starts!

Sue N

Looks fab!


Nice! Agreed; September is the new January.


The new look is great. Happy fresh start.


Late comment--it began much earlier, but there were multiple interruptions--so starting again. First, I am so with you about September being the beginning of the year. My iPad was balky this morning and did not load the new masthead until I just returned. It looks terrific! Congratulations on a great new look!


Love the new look of your blog!


I too view September the way you do. I also see the months of the year on a clock face. But..... they do not quite correspond with their assigned number. September is always around the 7 o'clock mark with summer all squished down at 6 o'clock. :-) I know odd. :-)


I think September is the best month to start the year, too. and I LOVE your new look. (even left Feedly and jumped into Safari to see it in "for real" :-) Can't wait to see what new experiences and adventures you share here!

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