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Right Now - September 2015

I'm sort of wondering . . . what happened to September.  Because it seems to have just evaporated right before my very eyes! 



Here's what's happening for me . . . Right Now.


Watching . . . my bathroom be demolished right before my very eyes!  (Yes.  It will be worth it in the end.  For now?  Just a giant mess and a lot of hassle.)  (A Jacuzzi tub used to live there. . . )

Reading . . . Undermajordomo Minor.  (The title alone is click-bait, n'est-ce pas?)  (If you're a fan of Princess Bride, you might want to pick this one up.)  I'm also reading Girl on the Train for my book group.  (I know.  Late to this party.)  (Also - not really my style.  But reading anyway because book group.)


Knitting . . . a sweater.  This one.  As usual, with sweaters-in-pieces, I do the sleeves first.  It's slow going lately, as life has been busy and getting in the way of my knitting.


Listening to . . . Black Violin.  (Classical meets HipHop.  Really.  Check it out.)

Planning . . . where to plant my spring bulbs.  I have daffodil, crocus, allium, and grape hyacinth -- over 150 bulbs -- and I'll be so happy next spring!

Needing to . . . get on with my KonMari-ing, which has taken a backseat during gardening season.  Now that the garden is winding down, I'll have time to sort and toss and find joy again.


Drinking . . . our home-brewed IPA.  (Really, it's all Tom's doing -- but I assist with the transfers and bottling).  (And it's quite tasty, by the way!)

Itching to . . . head up north for a nice fall weekend.  I'm hoping the weather cooperates for a nice fall hike in the woods.  (Even though the leaves haven't really gotten going yet.)


Dreading . . . pumpkin spice everything!  At the grocery store on Monday - in just one aisle - I saw PS marmallows, PS Mini Wheats, PS granola bars, PS tea, PS coffee, and PS Pop-Tarts.  (Of course, I also discovered that one of seasonal flavors of Chobani - PS, of course - is really quite tasty!)

Wondering . . . how long it will really take before my bathroom is functional again?


Enjoying . . . the Drawing with Colored Pencils art class I'm taking this fall at the KIA.  Lots to learn; lots of fun.

Organizing . . .my time so much better these days.  How?  A good, old-school planner system that really works for me.*  (Digital, while cool, just does not.)

Delighted by . . . a new work table for my drawing and art projects.  My Dad built it for me - custom-sized.  I can't wait to get it!


Celebrating . . . the Super-Lunar-Blood-Moon-Eclipse.  We didn't think we'd get to see it at all - because clouds.  But then, just as the show started, the clouds parted and we had a perfect view from our patio.

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . right now?


* I've used Planner Pads almost exclusively since 1999.  Every once in a while, I try something digital.  But I always go back to the Planner Pad. 





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I love my iPhone and iPad for planning and haven't used paper since the early days of those very first Palm Pilots. I use Evernote and Toodledo and my calendar most frequently and find it really works for me. I agree on the pumpkin spice - blergh - but I do like that yogurt and the occasional coffee.


I love your drawing! Colored pencils would be fun to learn to use. Your demolition project looks like it could take awhile before things are back to normal. Will you replace everything in the bath? It's going to be so grand once it's done. I find Undermajordomo Minor to be quite hilarious. I am chuckling to myself all the while. It is rather odd. The moon was amazing. I watched until the last shadow left and the moon looked shiny and happy!


I'm looking forward to fall hikes too.


I've been dithering about Undermajordomo Minor, but I think you've convinced me to give it a try with the Princess Bride comparison. I love the yarn you're using, the planner pads, and your colored pencil art. Can't wait to see your work table; what a great Dad!


A few years ago, I had my kitchen & dining room remodeled, followed by both bathrooms, nothing fancy, just much needed updates that I knew I would have to do after buying this house. It seemed like I was living in a never ending mess! I was so happy when the work was finally completed and very pleased with the results. Hope you love your new bathroom!


Oooh, your blood moon photo is great. We had tickets for a play that night, so missed the red moon, but snuck out during intermission to see the eclipse! You and Carol have different systems for organizing, but at least you have them (said by someone in dire need of more organization).

Cheryl S.

I think September must be my busiest month of the year, and it always zips by in a flash.

Bathroom remodeling! Yay! But ugh for the pain of having to go through it.


"Oh, September..."


I dislike pumpkin spice thingies - drinks, food, etc etc. Well, I do like pumpkin spice scented candles - but everything else can go away! LOL!

I would love to have my bathroom remodeled - well, a lot of things remodeled - but I know the mess and disorganization would drive me over the edge while it was going on! Now if the Property Brothers showed up to do it all - I might be able to handle it - HA!

Linda in VA


...another thing Katie and I discussed for instant learning was making beer (of course for us that started as making wine and I said you and Tom had made beer and then it was how much Rob would love beer...but ... garden...hops... and then the super STEEP curve!) We painted watercolor bookmarks in our circle meeting this morning; I'd love to know more about your class. I think this might be another slow learning for me, too. as always, love catching up through these posts!


I just got a couple hundred bulb in the mail yesterday. Crocus, daff for naturalizing, and some steel-blue allium. Molly The Teenage Helper will have her work cut out for her tomorrow.


I generally end up needing a paper plan as well. And it's way more fun to write than to type! Love the coloring...that would be so much fun and so good for the head! And pumpkin...I make a mean pumpkin ch chip cookie but that about ends that story!

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