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Dear Self

My Kind of Fall


It's been My Kind of Fall.

Warm, sunny days.  (Flip-flops?  No problem.)

Cool nights.  (Great sleeping-weather.)

For days on end.  

Warm, sunny day.  
Cool night.  

Our leaves haven't really started turning yet.  They're actually behind "normal" schedule.  (Apparently all that rain we had early in the summer has made our Michigan trees healthy and resilient and unstressed.  So the color will happen -- just later.)  (This according to Mark Torgerossa, Official Weather Person of MLive.)

I'm spending as much time as I can outdoors these days.  Soaking up the sun and enjoying just being outside.  (Without a jacket.)  (Or socks.)

I'm drinking coffee with friends at the outside tables at the coffee shop.

I'm eating lunch al fresco, too, every day.  (Even if it's just yogurt on my patio.)  (With the dogs.)

I'm enjoying before-dinner drinks with Tom on the patio.

I'm writing grants outside.

I'm getting to all sorts of garden chores.

It's fabulous!

I continue to ignore the more pesky signs of "fall," though.  (Like pumpkin spice flavored everything.)  (And "pink ribbon" products everywhere.)  (Yesterday I almost tripped over a display of "pink ribbon" solar garden lights at my grocery store.)  (Really.)

So, yeah.  This is a perfect fall for me.  Summer is getting some bonus extension time.  And I can ease into the best parts of fall unfolding around me slowly.

I hope it lasts a long time more!

(Except not the goofy "pink ribbon" products.)  (I wonder how much money from the sale of the "pink ribbon" solar garden lights makes it to breast cancer research?)  (I wonder . . . wouldn't it be better to just make a direct donation?)

(Don't get me started.)

I think I'll take my coffee out on the patio this morning. . . to watch the sun rise.



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Keep it coming! Right through October please! Enjoy that coffee my friend.


Today is the first day of fall and, while it was chilly here this morning, I still put on flip flops for work! I agree on the pink stuff. I know it's good because it raises awareness and all BUT more women die of colon cancer than breast cancer and that rarely attracts any media attention. Sigh.


I've been spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying this lovely weather too. I hope it lasts!


Keep wearing those flip flops as long as possible. Your beautiful photo is enough to make autumn everyone's favorite season.


We have a bit of an extended summer going on here, too. It will be near 80 at Alta this year. The sky is as clear as it can be and that bright blue with the golden aspens really hits the mark. Fall is stunning when it's like this. May the warmth last a long time for you. Enjoy your yard, too, as you deserve it after all the work you've done.


We are having the same warm fall weather in Minneapolis and it looks like it will continue for at least another week. I wouldn't mind, however, just a couple of days cool enough to wrap up in one of my hand knit sweaters. Then it can go right back to 75 degrees.


Our leaves are behind schedule, too. Wisconsin has a website where you can see what's happening with the leaves.


Ugh. I'm tired of pink already and it isn't even October. I am LOVING this summer-like autumn. LOVING.


what Vicki said... except that it was colder here today than it was up there. and it's now feeling totally like fall. (not that I'll be wearing socks anytime soon or anything crazy like that!)


I'm with you on the spending as much time as possible outdoors and on the too much pumpkin spice-flavored everything.

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