Weekending . . . Ten on Tuesday Style
Lessons from Inside the Parentheses


Soundtrack . . . 


Sometimes . . . 

when your knitting is all wonky . . . 

and it's twisted in a bad way . . . 

and you can't believe you wasted all that time . . . 

and you're ready to throw the whole damn thing into the trash can . . .


All I need is a miracle.


All I need is you.


If I ever catch up with you, I'm gonna love you for the rest of your life!


Let's just say . . . it's kind of amazing what happens to linen when you throw it into the washer and dryer . . . instead of the trash.

It's a miracle!

(Ravelry details here.)


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Wow! It's beautiful, fits perfectly, and no more torque. So glad your soundtrack is "All I Need is a Miracle" and not "The Twist"!


Looking good sistah! Beautiful work Kym!


It looks fantastic, what a great fit and style for you!


FABULOUS!! That looks like it will be worn a LOT!


You rock that top! Your going to love wearing that top which looks made for you!! :)


I LOVE it! one of my friends is half done with a cardigan in Sparrow and she's totally ready to throw it away. I told her she should knit this!

Cheryl S.

Linen definitely likes to do the twist. Glad you went for the washer and dryer instead of the trash - it came out great!


Good on you for persevering on this piece, Kym. The drape is very flattering and I'd steal it in an instant;)
I am with you on the whole summer knitting thing. I knitted one linen/ cotton blend top-twice!- this summer, and ended up frogging it for another attempt next year. The other top I completed, made with Hempathy, stretched so much that it needs to be knit again in a smaller size. Gorgeous yarns, but ugh. I am seriously considering sticking with wool for future purchases.

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