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Working on My Fitness: A Fresh Start

Headline News

What if . . . my week was reduced to headlines?


Couple wins Bells Bash Lottery --  Thrilled to Score Hottest Tickets In Town!

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Disgruntled Swimmer Silenced With Pool Re-opening Scheduled for Saturday
Delays Tax Patience of Club Swimmers


Guest at First Ever Exclusive Beer Tasting Event:  "I Usually Hate Porters.  But This One is Really Good!"  
Home Brewers Vow to Continue Tasting Events Through Fall


Wine Sale Saturday:  20% Off
Just in Time, says Local Collector


Gridiron Action Begins:  Outspoken Local Woman Heard Muttering WHO CARES?


Hope your weekend is newsworthy!




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Outspoken? You? heh. Great idea for a blog post.


Love your headlines! I think with a Beer Festival, exclusive beer tastings, and a wine sale, this local woman will have some fun times ahead!


You...are funny. Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xo


Love the last one, fer sher! If only we had more funvitations and wine sales in our lives!


I am really feeling that last one.


what a fun post! ...and a great way to start the weekend. hope yours is a good one.

Cheryl S.


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