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Garden Magic . . . or No Reservation Required

Something amazing has been happening in my garden.

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Tons of Monarchs.

It's so magical to walk through my garden right now -- and be surrounded by them.

(I love it.)

A few years ago, I decided to certify my butterfly garden as a Monarch Waystation.  This program is an attempt by the Monarch Watch organization to encourage home gardeners to plant more milkweed and create an environment to help sustain Monarch butterflies.  (Although the Monarch is not endangered, their numbers are lessening -- and the flightpath from the eastern United States to Mexico is the one most at risk of disappearing right now.)


When I first told  Tom and Brian that I was going to create a Monarch Waystation, they had a lot of fun at my expense.  While they were very supportive and actually thought it was cool . . . they also would "call" me and ask if I had any openings for Monarch, party of 8.  (And other things along that line.)

Anyway.  It's easy to create a Monarch Waystation.  All you need is a little space, milkweed plants (the only plants Monarchs use to lay their eggs), nectar plants (for food), and sustainable management practices (mulching, composting, watering, no pesticides, etc.).  You just fill out an application, submit a nominal fee ($16), and your garden becomes certified.

It's taken a few years, but my garden has become a magical place for Monarchs!


Reservations?  Absolutely not required!



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I'm so glad you did this! I've changed my walking route a bit to walk around a big field full of milkweed in hopes of seeing some monarchs, but none so far. I've been concerned because it's getting a bit late for our latitude, but I'm so happy the monarchs have a waystation in MI on their way to Mexico!


Ha ha! Butterfly reservations. That's funny!


Boys and manboys are cute aren't they? ;-) This is great and I'm so happy all the monarchs have found your stop!


Gorgeous photoshop!


Not photoshop. Photos. Damn autocorrect.


I love this and I'm going to share it with my sister-in-law! I'm thinking more on the lines of the underground monarch railroad but I promise not to tease you.


Fabulous, absolutely fabulous that you've created this space. Build it and they will come! It worked!

Cheryl S.

So awesome! I only saw a few monarchs this year, and only one in my garden. But I rarely see them here in any year. I don't think my house is really on the direct migration path (not many milkweeds in the city). If I had the right environment and space for milkweeds, I'd definitely grow them. I've tried planting Butterfly Weed, but haven't been successful at growing that, either. (I have a little seedling that's struggling along, though.)


I'd love to do this! Wonderful information, Kym!

By the way, My milkweed has pink flowers. Do you have it?


When our teenage helper mowed this summer, I noticed that she mowed AROUND a big milkweed plant. Kudos to her!


oh how cool...and delightful! what a win-win-win for the butterflies, the environment and your garden!


Wow! Monarchs are so rare around here...what a beautiful benefit of a beautiful garden.

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