Right Now - September 2015

Can You Fly That Helicopter?

As soon as I read Carole's Ten on Tuesday email this weekend, a movie scene popped into my head:



What Ten Things Do I Wish I Could Learn Instantly?  (Like . . . Matrix instantly . . . )

  1. Italian.
  2. Watercolor. 
  3. Sound mixing.
  4. Photoshop.  (Shut.Up.)
  5. Snowboarding.
  6. Biochemistry.
  7. Carpentry.
  8. French cooking.  
  9. Cartography.
  10. Flying that helicopter!

Tom wanted to join in this week.  Here's his list:  

  1. Chain saw sculpture.
  2. Lion taming.
  3. Tight-rope walking.
  4. Hang gliding - or maybe cliff diving.
  5. Diffusing bombs.
  6. Computer hacking.
  7. Working the exit door on an airplane water landing.
  8. Making the perfect topping for crème brûlée.
  9. Breakdancing.
  10. Hostage negotiation.  

(I don't know about you, but I think his is the more interesting list!)  (I so wanted to steal hostage negotiation from his list.)

How about YOU?  What do you wish you could learn instantly?


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