Right Now - September 2015

Can You Fly That Helicopter?

As soon as I read Carole's Ten on Tuesday email this weekend, a movie scene popped into my head:



What Ten Things Do I Wish I Could Learn Instantly?  (Like . . . Matrix instantly . . . )

  1. Italian.
  2. Watercolor. 
  3. Sound mixing.
  4. Photoshop.  (Shut.Up.)
  5. Snowboarding.
  6. Biochemistry.
  7. Carpentry.
  8. French cooking.  
  9. Cartography.
  10. Flying that helicopter!

Tom wanted to join in this week.  Here's his list:  

  1. Chain saw sculpture.
  2. Lion taming.
  3. Tight-rope walking.
  4. Hang gliding - or maybe cliff diving.
  5. Diffusing bombs.
  6. Computer hacking.
  7. Working the exit door on an airplane water landing.
  8. Making the perfect topping for crème brûlée.
  9. Breakdancing.
  10. Hostage negotiation.  

(I don't know about you, but I think his is the more interesting list!)  (I so wanted to steal hostage negotiation from his list.)

How about YOU?  What do you wish you could learn instantly?


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Now I'm picturing you painting a lovely plein air watercolor in Italy while speaking fluent Italian to the crowd of admiring onlookers, while Tom is the breakdancing hostage negotiator.


What made me wonder is the biochemistry on your list. How come it is there?


Both lists are great! I love Hostage Negotiation! My boss flies his helicopter and explained the basics to me. It's very detailed and complicated to me.

Denise T.

Hee Hee! Lion taming is a great one! And cartography is so cool!!


Thank you, Kym and Tom for a healthy morning laugh!


Why didn't I think of flying a plane?!? We could see each other much more frequently if I had that skill. Great list, and you're right, Tom's is definitely more adventurous.


this post made me laugh out loud. I hope Tom is on my flight over the water where someone is needed to open that darn door! Then when we were captured by Italian pirates, you could negotiate with them in Italian whilst being coached by your husband, the hostage negotiator.


What fun! Learning Italian and being a sommelier would top my list!


Great lists.


Those lists are fabulous! Tom is clearly an adventurer.


Your husband's list is hysterical!

Linda in VA


Tom's list is my favorite of all! My list was going to be crazy, silly if I'd have time. In truth--I'd like to learn maths in an instant.


Oooohhhhh. Shudder!! I can't even watch the trailer for The Walk! Tom's a daredevil, that's for sure. Wouldn't it be nice to learn a language instantly?


Two great lists...and so adventureosme and humorous...and quiet as it's kept, certainly doable.



I love these lists! You two are so creative. But I'm with you on learning Italian. Spent five weeks in Italy this summer and worked hard at learning enough Italian to get around. Now I dream of speaking fluently.

Cheryl S.

Hahahahaha! We've been watching the TV show "Chuck" on Netflix, and are almost through the 5th/final season. Carrie-Anne Moss has been in the last couple of episodes, including the one we watched last night, in a role quite reminiscent of her character in The Matrix. She's so awesome.

Actually, the show makes a lot of nods to The Matrix, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc., including the "learn instantly" thing - the main character becomes "The Intersect" when a database of combined NSA/CSA data gets uploaded into his brain, and he can instantly (but temporarily) learn things like Kung Fu, or how to fly a helicopter. It's a nerdy show, but fun.


yay! I can post comments from my laptop! and now I can share publicly "y'all crack me up". I truly hope neither of you ever needs to negotiate a hostage release... does that mean your learning would be wasted? I discussed my list with Katie and she suggested piano and painting. otherwise, we had a lot in common on our lists. I wonder what Marc would say....


Photoshop...😂😂😂 and the hostage negotiation too scary for me! I'll take the cartography course with you. ;-)

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