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Can You Fly That Helicopter?


Yesterday, Tom and I headed to Grand Rapids to take in some of ArtPrize.  (This event is far, far too big and overwhelming to do in just one day.  This year, there are over 1,500 entries in over 160 venues.)

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We loaded the trusty ArtPrize app on our phones and headed north.


The best thing about ArtPrize?

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The diversity of works presented.

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And the accessibility.


So easy.


So much to see.


(And we only saw the tip of the iceberg. . . )


At this early stage of the process (it just opened on the 23rd), the public voting is still open.  The app made voting super easy!

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We'll be looking forward to seeing if any of our favorites end up with top rankings.  Tom and I are both betting on this one to be finalist . . . 


(You may remember seing this in a previous blog post; we were lucky to have an exhibit by the artist at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts last spring, so we were already familiar with his work.)

I also really liked this one . . . 


Each plate depicts a "last meal" request from a death-row inmate.  (There are nearly 600 plates in the exhibit, and the artist considers this a work in progress.)

But this is the exhibit that really captured my heart . . . 

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The artist is Paula Kovarik (she's from Memphis).  Her exhibit was titled "The Thread That Connects."

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Her quilting was exquisite; very free-flowing and unusual.

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I loved this dress she stitched!  (It was one of Tom's favorites, too.  You can see him above, checking out another of her pieces.)

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 So inspiring!  Her work was just stunning.

Tom and I had a great time.  If you're anywhere in the Grand Rapids area, I'd encourage you to visit ArtPrize.  (It runs through October 11.)  It is truly an awesome and joyous event.