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Right Now . . . August 2015

August . . . Oh, August.  You've been such a challenging month.

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Hot.  And Cold.

Dry.  And Wet.

On.  And Off.

And yet . . . we've made it through.  Here we are, still standing at the end. 

Here's what's happening for me . . . RIGHT NOW.

Watching . . . Rain. And a little fog.  Capping a very chilly week.  A harbinger of what's to come, I'm afraid.  (Although they say Very Hot all of next week.)

Reading . . . Just finished Nature of the Beast.  (The newest by Louise Penny.)  (Very, very good.)  I'm also reading Out of the Woods: A Memoir of Wayfinding by Lynn Darling.  Also So Big by Edna Ferber (for my book club).  And - drum roll, please - with a bit of poetic license (ahem), I'm going to have a Summer Book Bingo blackout this year after all.


Knitting . . . I probably ought not be writing about my knitting right now.  Because Frustration and Disillusionment.  (Plus knitting with linen for several weeks now.)  But here goes: I'm nearly finished knitting this.  But so frustrating.  Because it is torquing like CRAZY.  (And knitting with linen is so dang ugly.)  (I'm not sure blocking will help.)  (Cross your fingers that it behaves after a bath.)  Next up . . . this or this.  (Both are in my lineup.)  (But not in linen.)

Listening to . . . More John Mayer.  Turns out . . . I'm a fan.  (Who knew?)  (This is a great cover of my favorite Tom Petty song.)  (Although I'm not so sure the link will remain live, so watch it quick!)


Dreading . . . Another week (at least) of the pool being closed at my gym.  Yeah.  Now that I've made swimming a regular part of my fitness routine (thanks to my oinky knee), they've closed the pool for regular maintenance.  Only . . . not so regular.  Because they Found Something.  And now they have drilled out all the tile from the pool deck, revealing only sand.  And pipes.  And an empty, lonely pool. (I'm afraid this won't be a quick-fix.)


Drinking . . . It's been unseasonably chilly here.  And wet.  So . . . chai, please!

Planning . . . A little October adventure.  (She said, with a wink.)

Humming . . . (We're just ordinary people, you and me. . . ) 


Wondering . . . How it can possibly, possibly be September tomorrow???  Already.

Itching to . . . Plant All the Bulbs!

Organizing . . . Yarn.  And fabric.  And art supplies.  (But not really.)  (Right now it's all just laying on my basement floor.)  (Completely undone.)  (But Progress.)


Delighted by . . . Releasing my "own" Monarch into the wild.  Yep.  This guy (or gal???) emerged from a crysallis in a Mason jar right in our library.  Unfortunately, we missed the final emergence when we were up at the lake last weekend.  But this is what we would've seen, there at the end, if we'd been home.


Celebrating . . . Our 34th wedding anniversary on August 22.  We were up at the cottage, scouting a river, on our actual anniversary, but we went out for a special dinner this weekend to celebrate.

Celebrating MORE . . . This weekend was JoJo's "Gotcha Day" . . . August 28.  She's been part of our pack for two years now!


How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . Right Now?



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I always love your Right Now posts; I just wish this one had less torque! I hope a bath (and maybe a good talking-to) will help.


Let's hope the linen top emerges as beautifully as the Monarch! Seriously, it has the potential to be a lovely wardrobe additions for you can get it to behave. Keep us posted!


Oh that top is so pretty too! We used to do the butterfly thing every fall...loved it. Good things are happening for you right now! ;-)


Oooh, at first I thought that torqued seam was a design element... and I was intrigued! I have knit with linen and it softens up quite a bit with washing (but mostly wearing).

I like both of your "next up" choices... especially Element!

I love John Mayer... guitar man! Mellow, distinctive voice.

You might want to ice that Chai this week... they say it's a scorcher AND humid (ick). (Poor kids back at school...)

Yay JoJo!!


Wash, wash, wash the linen and, as Vicki said, wearing softens it more. Element is so you! September is a wonderful month, but, oh the light is going too quickly! I try not to mourn (yet). I'm thisclose to finishing NotB. I'm loving it, too!
Love JoJo and it's wonderful how she's become part of your family.


You have a lot of good stuff going on. I wish I could have a cover all for Bingo but time is waning and unless I count stuff I've read that don't fit into any square I'm not going to have it. I do have several bingos, though, and should have 3 more than I do now by the time all is said and done. As for everything else, I will give you one word: re-entry.


1. Hatching a monarch is a wonderful American tradition.
B. I am a fan of John Mayer's music, too. The person, not so much.
iii. We refer to our household as The Pack, too.
d. Bulbs! Thanks for the reminder.


love to see a post from you in my feed today - welcome back! (not that I did much online while you were away... geez, you "on a break" is still more than me "as usual" :-) I predict the linen is going to still be a bit torqued, but much softer and better behaved after a bath. and I love both the next-up options. nothing like a bit of lightweight wool to remind you why cool-weather knitting is the best. can't wait to read more about your Bingo "success" (?!) following you on Goodreads has kept me on my toes for sure! xo.

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