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My Weekend With Nick

I enjoyed just an ordinary weekend here at home; a good balance between chores and kicking back.

But I did spend (nearly) every minute with Nick.  
(As in Nicholas Nickleby.  My "over 800 pages" square for Book Bingo.*)

Nick and I took the dogs for a long, long walk on Saturday morning.


And then, we spent quite a bit of time out in the garden, weeding and deadheading mostly.  (But we also got rid of quite a lot of poison ivy together.)  (Because Nick is always ready to lend a hand.)


Nick was right there by my side as I took got on with the usual household drudgery.


And he didn't mind hanging out with me while I got ready for a night out.  (He may have enjoyed the movie - Mr. Holmes - but I made him stay home all the same.)


On Sunday, when it was altogether too hot and humid to spend more than a few minutes outside, Nick and I organized my yarn stash and recorded it all on Ravelry.  (Photos, too.) (More on that another day.)


And then, Nick and I treated ourselves to a fair amount of knitting.


Still.  It wasn't enough.  Nick and I will be hanging out a bit more today!  
(Like . . . for about an hour or so.)


*  Don't feel too bad for me, because I LOVE Charles Dickens.  He is brilliant!  A bit wordy . . . but wonderful, once you get into the rhythm of his writing.  (And no one, absolutely no one, does "come-uppance" or "karma" better than Charles Dickens.  Always so satisfying!)



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I was going to ask if Tom knew about Nick, but he certainly does now! I may have to break up with James (Michener) as I'm finding myself cheating on him (nearly every day!) with Stephen (King, now that Mary is done with him). Enjoy your last hour with Nick!


I am a big Dickens fan too.

Sounds like you and Nick got quite a bit accomplished - maybe I need a long-winded friend ... ;-)


It's always nice to have a sidekick you can count on when much needs to be accomplished. Hope you find someone as satisfying as Nick the next time you need a pal.


Thanks for the reminder that audiobooks exist. Honestly, I had forgotten them.


I love Dickens, too. Great choice for an 800+ page book! (I may need to get that one from Audible.)


I love that you love Dickens. I think reading him when the works were published in serial fashion in periodicals would be excruciating.


I haven't read Dickens in ages. I've still not quite got the hang of audio books...


how fun! I know you're going to remember Nick's visit for years... I love books that really get into head - and your life - that way!

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