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Just What I Needed

Hello friends.


Earlier this week, my mom and I visited the new Japanese Gardens at the Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.  While we were there, I picked up this little Jizo for my own garden.

Jizo Bosatsu (Japanese Buddhism) is known for his vow to benefit all suffering beings and his commitment to stay with them until “the hells are empty."  He is the special protector of women, children, and travelers -- helping those at important life crossroads who may be facing new challenges.  Jizo, especially, helps children that have died navigate the transition between life and death.  Possessing unflagging optimism, courage, gentleness, and a nurturing love for all beings, Jizo plunges fearlessly into any place or situation to aid those in need. 

I have always been drawn to the Jizo, and having this little statue in my garden makes me smile. He will be a reminder to me, as I continue on my JOURNEY, that while life gives us many challenges and brings us to many crossroads, we are not alone.

Just what I needed!


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Your little Jizo statue is perfect for your garden! I hope he works on your behalf for a long long time.


I think everyone needs a Jizo! Glad you found yours.


I hope the O-jizo-san will bring you comfort and calm.
Thinking of you, XO


He is the perfect little statue to peek from your garden, to watch over you, to bring you peace and calm and joy.


Adorable... such a happy face, you can't help but smile!


This is such a sweet post. Jizo would be welcome in any garden-such a compassionate and sweet god.


He's perfect for your garden...and for you! I love his sweet little face and smile.

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