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Country Roads


This week, Carole has us visiting the country for Ten on Tuesday.


When I think about "visiting the country" . . . I think about heading up north (which really is "visiting the country" in Michigan-speak).

Here's what Tom and I love about being up north:

  1. The pace.  Everything slows down once we arrive up north.  Our schedules are free and uncomplicated.  (Even if they're not.)
  2. Seeing all the wildlife.  While we share our backyard at home with all kinds of birds and critters, nothing compares to what we see up north!  Loons, eagles, racoons, mink, porcupines, deer, fox, bats, skunks, hawks, grouse, woodcock, herons, sand hill cranes, muskrats, pileated woodpeckers, snakes, owls -- all right there.  (Sometimes right on our porch, even.)  
  3. Being unconnected.  Yeah, it's kind of hard at first . . . but it's rather nice to be without wifi, cable, or telephone service for a little while.  (Every year, we talk about getting wifi.  Maybe next year. . . but not yet.)
  4. Paring down to the bare essentials.  We have just the things we need - and no more - when we're up north.  It's always good to find out how little we actually need.
  5. The water.  Boats, kayaks, fishing, swimming, just gazing.  The water is relaxing and soothing.
  6. Going "organic" for a few days.  True confessions:  Sometimes we wear the same clothes for days when we're up north.  (See #4.  Bare essentials.)  Tom doesn't shave.  I don't wear mascara.  We don't always shower every day.  We don't care.
  7. Scrabble.  We never play at home, but we often play up north.  (See #1.  Pace.)  (And #3.  Being unconnected.)
  8. Campfires.  We have a little firepit in our garden here at home, but it's just not at all the same as our huge and long-lasting campfires up north.
  9. S'mores.  (See #7.  Campfires.)  So much fun -- and tasty, too.
  10. The tools.  Tom gets many more opportunities to use his chainsaw and axe up north.  


How about YOU?  What do you like about visiting the country?


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#6. Sometimes that is just the best :-) I'm on vacation and digging the relaxed pace right now. What to do next??? :-)


Up north sounds like paradise.


There is absolutely nothing like "up north."


Your country life sounds marvelous. I'd like to live like that all (well, maybe most) of the time!


I can relate to your "up north" because it's like my "at camp"!


It sounds a lot like our days of camping except you have 4 solid walls and a roof over your heads! I really want to visit up north.


I forgot about muskrats, great blue herons, bats, skunks, and owls in my recent lists -- thanks for the reminders.

Unsolicited advice: don't get wi-fi. It will change everything.


I love being disconnected for at least a few days; also going 'organic', as you put it, hehe. Love Scrabble too, but hardly get a chance to play it :(


I'm not a huge fan of wildlife up close, but I do love the slow pace and re-connecting (while un-connected) - but the tools listed as #10 just cracks me up. boys and their toys and all that ;-)

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