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Stitching the Afternoon Away

When we were up north last week, I brought along a lot of books, my knitting, and my Alabama Chanin t-shirt.

IMG_7898 (1)

Mid-week, the weather took a rather nasty turn with thunderstorms and a severe temperature plunge.  Once the rain stopped, I bundled up in my hooded sweatshirt and a blanket and spent the afternoon out on our deck . . . stitching.

IMG_7898 (1)

I had completed all the appliqué and cutting (this is reverse negative appliqué, in case you're interested in Alabama Chanin technique) on the front of the shirt before heading up,

IMG_7898 (1)

 so all I needed to do was stitch the entire t-shirt together.

IMG_7898 (1)

My new Wonder Clips really are a wonder!  They work like a charm -- so much better than pins on stretchy jersey fabric.

IMG_7898 (1)

By the end of the afternoon . . . my t-shirt was whole!

IMG_7898 (1)

And ready to wear!

IMG_7898 (1)

I'm completely addicted.  (And . . . the sun came out again just as I finished up!  Bonus!)


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Cheryl S.

That came out really cute!


Love, love, love! The color is beautiful and the design is great. Excellent Kym!


Beautiful! You sew so well that you make it look (almost) easy!


What a great way to spend a cloudy and cool day. It looks fantastic!


That turned out cute! Enjoy wearing it!


That's a fabulous t-shirt!
I have been assimilated into the AC collective. :0)
Started last summer. I tend to sew in fits and starts. Am sewing right now. Just a simple t with minimal embellishment. I love the whole slow sewing thing. The hand stitching.


FANTASTIC!! It looks fabulous on you and I hope you love wearing it. I'm addicted to the whole "slow-fashion" idea and I am slowly working on my own T, with more waiting in the wings!


Wow. Wow. Wow!!! Kym, it's fabulous! (and what a great fit!)


OMG, could that be any more wonderful??? (The answer is NO!) Isn't it just the most fun ever?

P.S. I have decided that I am saving for a weekend in Florence... it may take a while, and wouldn't I really love to go for a week (or two?), but this is a more realistic dream.

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