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We Have a BINGO!

I've been reading and reading and reading all summer long -- and coloring in the various squares on my Summer Book Bingo card.

But I wasn't getting any Bingos.

Until now.

FullSizeRender 19


Fourth row, across.

Let's check it out, shall we?

That your parents didn't/wouldn't have let you read as a kid - I read Lolita.  Pretty much hated it, although I can see why it is considered a literary classic.  (And just to clarify, my parents never did look over my shoulder or try to control what I read when I was a kid.  I'm sure they wouldn't have been pleased with my choosing to read Lolita when I was young -- but I can't imagine they would have prevented my reading it.)

With a protagonist/narrator over the age of 50 - I read A God in Ruins.  How I adored this book -- and the protagonist, Teddy.  I was just beginning this book when the Book Bingo started, so this was actually my first square.  (I highly recommend this book, by the way.  Although I would also suggest first reading Life After Life - the sort-of prequel.)

Has a place-name in the title - I read At the Water's Edge.  (Water's edge.  It's a place.)  (I'm using a lot of poetic license when it comes to these squares.)  (I have to make this work for me.)  This book?  Meh.  Can't really recommend it.  (I wasn't overly fond of Water for Elephants - by the same author - either.  So there is that.)

With a child on the cover - I read She's Come Undone.  LOTS of poetic license here.  There is a picture of a young woman of indeterminate age on the cover of the version of the book I read.  And since the main character spends at least half the book in childhood or adolescence, and because the cover shot presumably represents her, I claim her as a child!  (So there.)  Anyway.  I loved this book, and I'm sorry it took me so very many years to get around to reading it.

That involves magic -- I read Buried Giant.  I am not a fan of fantasy or magical kinds of stories to begin with (even when they're written by Kazuo Ishiguro), so this one was a total slog for me. 

And there you have it . . .



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Hooray for BINGO, and a hard-won one at that with 3/5 less than great books. I can't get over how neat your card is; mine is covered with scribbles and cross-outs where I've tried to shoehorn books I really want to read into squares. So hooray for poetic license also!


From the looks of your card you'll get a blackout! Good job finding books to fit your squares, even if they are poetically found. Do what works for you. Enjoy your summer of reading!


Bingo! I'll be interest to discuss She's Come Undone with you. I really, really liked it but I was so done with her by the end! :-)


The Bingos will be rolling in now!


Hooray! I've taken some poetic license with some of my squares, too, and I think it's perfectly fine to interpret as you see fit. I have a couple that will be really tough to fill though: set in Asia, set in South America, and a presidential biography. Yeah, right. I should still be able to get a bingo but right now I'm scattered all over the card.


One fabulous book (I completely agree - I was so sorry to finish it) amidst a bunch of not-so-much's. and a Bingo. still much to celebrate!! (I ran out of time today to share my "mid-summer" update... either tomorrow or Monday, stay tuned!)


Books your parents didn't want you to read--cracked me up. My mother did not want me to read The Chapman Report. It was in her nightstand, so I snuck in and read it whenever she was gone! I thought Lolita was just dumb--however it may have been me who was just dumb. Then there's fantasy--meh!--except for On a Pale Horse.


I enjoyed A God in Ruins too - I have At the Water's Edge on reserve at the library - but you're making me wonder if I should forget it. Water for Elephants (I listened, not read it) was only so-so for me.

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