Stitching the Afternoon Away
Bloomin' Friday

The Way It's Supposed to Be

Big things happening!

Somewhere . . . out there along I-80 today . . . these two are heading to Denver.

To live.

As in . . . moving away.


They're really excited about it.

And, well, I am, too.  

Because this is what parenting is all about . . .

Letting go.

Sending off.

Watching them launch. . .

into their own lives.


We're going to miss having Brian live (fairly) nearby.


But we're so excited he's heading off . . . into a new life all his own!


Best of luck to you, Budd-0!


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how exciting! best of luck to them - and y'all... empty nesting can be a very rewarding time of life!


So exciting! All the best to Brian and Lauren as they hit the front range! ;-)


Oh Kym! I know you are very happy for Brian, but you must be a little verklempt when you think of how far away your boy will be. I hope you'll be able to travel and see him often and enjoy the beauty of CO (maybe Utah again). Here's to Brian and Lauren! All the very best to them!


Big things indeed! You already know how great Denver and Colorado are and I wish Brian and Lauren all the best as they head west. This is the way it should be, and I also hope that you and Tom have plenty of fun, interesting, and creative times as you move forward into this new and exciting time of your lives. Safe travels and great adventures to all!

Cheryl S.

Best wishes for a fabulous new chapter in their lives.


You have a sweet approach and your children are lucky to have so much love and support.


Adventures!! All the best to Brian & Lauren!

Also, SNIFF.

But, then, more travel opportunities!! ;)


I applaud your loving support as your son moves across the country. My son and his wife recently considered a similar move. On the outside I was supportive, but I was crying on the inside (and thrilled when they decided that move wasn't right for them). We'd love to keep them close, but we have to let them spread their wings and live their own lives.


Awww, geez. I've said it before but it bears repeating today: roots are easy, wings are hard. Be kind to yourself today, mama.


How exciting for them. We lived in Denver for 5 years and loved it...I'm sure they will. Too!


They will love it here as everybody does who is lucky enough to live here. They'll be surrounded by happy people.
All the best!

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