A Few Quick and Rather Random Updates
A Little Side Trip

Right Now - July 2015

July . . . you've been a challenging month for me . . . pretty much every day.  (And I'm sorry to be so elusive about it all.  But the challenges here . . . are mostly not mine to talk about.)  But things are starting to resolve, which means we can begin to move on.


Here's what's happening for me . . . Right Now.

Watching . . . Birds and butterflies and moths and hummingbirds.  My garden is filled with them, and it is glorious!

Reading . . . I'm reading This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz, a collection of short stories.  I've intended to read this one since it came out a couple of years ago, and it's been on my iPad for a long time -- but it was a Bingo square that inspired me to pick it up now.  Anyway, it's pretty fabulous -- although I imagine not to everyone's taste.  I'm also reading/listening to a really dreadful book, Beneath a Marble Sky (again, inspired by a Bingo square).  It sounded interesting, but it is tedious.  Really tedious.  (I'm wondering how much I have to read before I can count it as "read."  What do you think?  Half?)  (Because life is too short to read stupid books.)

Knitting . . . After knitting two shawls in rapid succession, I'm sort of floundering in the knitting department right now.  I cast on for this top in some linen yarn I've had laying around.  I love the look and feel of linen, but not so much the knitting with it.  (So not really feeling it . . . general lack of enthusiasm here.)  I have a strange urge to knit a pair of socks.  (Which is really weird.)  (Probably should act on it - because all my hand knit socks have holes now.)

Listening to . . . Florence + the Machine.


Dreading . . . Actually, well.  I've had it with dreading.  I'm finished with dreading.

Drinking . . . (Oh, yeah, baby.  I'm drinking.)

Planning . . . A master bathroom re-do.  This project began out of necessity (our shower is leaking into our kitchen), but is rapidly becoming one of those Projects That Ate New York.  Because where do you stop?  (I'm drawing the line at re-carpeting my bedroom.)  (Even though it needs it.)

Humming . . . This one. 


Wondering . . . About resilience and grief and letting go and moving on. 

Itching to . . . See my sister.  She arrived in Michigan yesterday, but I haven't seen her yet.  (Saturday.)

Organizing . . . I finally started on my yarn stash!  I dumped out every skein, hank, ball, and cake of yarn I own . . . onto the floor of my sewing room and into my family room.  I'm Kon-Mari-ing all of it, touching it and deciding if it brings me joy.  (This was much harder than my clothes, I gotta say.  But, like all Kon-Mari-ing, it gets easier once you start letting go.)  I've put much of it into bags that I'm donating to a high school art teacher friend.  (She's excited to add fiber art to her classes -- but doesn't have a budget for fiber.)


Delighted by . . . My new waterproof iPod Shuffle!  Because of a flare-up of a long-standing knee issue (just another of my July challenges), I've had to stop running and dancing -- maybe forever.  (See?  Fun month.)  I've started swimming laps again -- but find it painfully tedious.  Having music helps a lot -- in fact, it's a game-changer.  (And, yeah.  It works!)

Needing to . . . Pack myself for a mini-vacation (Chicago with my sister), do a little deadheading in the garden, submit a couple of grant applications, and vacuum.

Celebrating . . . We're getting some resolution on some issues that have been hanging around (or over us) for way too long.  Finally.  Although some of it doesn't feel "celebratory" quite yet, I think it will.  Eventually.


Enjoying . . . Summer.  Because it finally arrived!

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . right now?


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I do hope the challenges are reaching resolutions that you can accept. I think that once you've determined the book is dreadfully tedious, it's time to stop and count it as read. Also, don't charge your Shuffle in a thunderstorm!


I'm pretty sure I know the back story of the stuff hanging over your head and I'm glad to hear it's resolving - but I hope it's resolving in a way that is good for you and Tom. Sorry about the knee, I can only imagine how pissed off you must be about that. And yay for sister time!


Here's to moving on...in so many ways good and bad. So sorry about the knee :-( I'm scurrying to get the room ready for my first round of guests the 16th and then...the next! (Yay!)


Just reading this post left me out of breath! You have so much going on--it's time for an uptick and happier August. It's tempting to say you should just abandon the book you're not enjoying, but since I can't do that, I'll keep my mouth shut. Enjoy your sister time!

Sharon R.

I just caught up with all your posts. Looks like you're having a fabulous summer. I loved, LOVED the waterlily shots and I'm so very envious of your talent as a knitter. Those shawls are gorgeous! Summer has finally arrived here (with a vengeance) and I've just returned from a trip to Montreal. Back to work next week. Are you on FB?


sending a warm virtual hug... and as always, love the catchup on what's current with you. (I don't have any good excuse for not sharing mine today, too!)


There is nothing like a sister....I hope her visit helps. Kon Mari-ing my yarn is at the very END of my Konmari list. You are truly brave of heart. Maybe because I have so many single or double balls of stuff, I am presently being drawn to hat knitting. So simple and quickly satisfying. Here's wishing you a better August!


Oh forgot I was going to mention my sympathies about your knee. As I have gotten older all kinds of little annoyances like that which tend to narrow my options began occurring. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it but accept it, but sometimes there is hope down the road. I always vote for hope. In the meantime, I try to have myself a grand old time anyway.


Seems like you're in need a change of pace, and I hope your "sister time" in Chicago will leave you refreshed. Sorry to hear about your knee-that's a bummer. Hope everything else works itself out for you and your husband soon. In the meantime, there is always knitting and an 'adult beverage' to make the world feel a bit better. Hang in there!!


They recommended swimming and aquatic exercise for my back. I am SO sorry you may be giving up dancing and running. I hope the resolutions continue to evolve in a way that's good for you and Tom. When we go through life changing alterations it takes awhile to find our footing and you have too many things at one time weighing you down. Hope you had/have a wonderful time in Chicago!!


Hello AUGUST!! I hope you're having a great mini-vacay in Chicago!

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