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Loon Call

It's not at all unusual for us to see (and hear) loons on our lake up north.  They hang out on the water, diving deep and re-surfacing -- doing their lake-thing -- all day, every day.  And we usually begin our mornings hearing the loons call.


Loons are so beautiful with their distinctive markings, that red eye . . . and a lonesome, almost haunting call.*  I love sharing the lake with our loons.  

This year, we had a special treat . . . Loon Baby!


In all of our summers at the lake, we've never timed it quite right to see a baby loon -- although we know our lake is a protected loon nesting spot.

One of our up north neighbors told us that, just days before we arrived, she had seen the Loon Baby riding on the back of the Loon Mother.  But by the time we arrived, it was happily swimming on its own -- always under the careful watch of the Loon Parents.


Over the week, we saw Loon Baby practicing short dives -- and becoming more and more brave, swimming ever farther from the Loon Parents.


But not too far!


* If you've not heard a loon call before, you can listen here:


(Jenny and JoJo heard the loon in the video clip.  Now they're clamoring to get outside to find it!  Jenny, in particular, is intrigued with the loons on the lake.)


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We saw a loon when we were in NH last weekend and they are so beautiful. It's awesome that you saw a loon baby, glad this one survived the snappers!


Thanks for the loon call; it sounds much better than Katherine Hepburn in "On Golden Pond". I like how your lake shows its stripes in the last loon photo!


Those are the things that make life so great aren't they? We've got one at the state park lake right now. Always a bonus when we see it!


It must be wonderful to wake up to the loon's call!


Thanks for sharing the loon video! We don't have them here in Virginia, so this was a real thrill to see your pictures & hear their call on the video. Their call is such a haunting, beautiful sound. What a gorgeous loon family you photographed!!


I've never seen a loon and I loved hear the distinctive call, which reminded me, a little, of an elk bugling. You have a beautiful place for a getaway.

Cheryl S.

I can't ever think of Loons without thinking of "On Golden Pond".


We pass a 16' loon statue called Claire d'Loon in Mercer, WI, aka THE LOON CAPITAL, every time we go up north. That's a call I've heard nearly ever summer of my life... so lovely.


love how the dogs react... Holly now barks at all kinds of animals on TV (including a few professional golfers, which isn't surprising, right?) sadly, the only fowl I've seen on our pond is geese. messy geese.

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