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Everything Will Turn Out Alright

It's been kind of a wild summer here.  Just lots of . . . issues.  Y'know?  It happens sometimes.  Things just pile up, and nothing seems to resolve.  My mind has been in a swirl for several months. 

When my life gets like that, I turn to music . . . 


. . . and knitting!


Just as I was heading up north for my vacation in early July, Kim's yarn club installment arrived.

Perfect yarn.

Perfect design.

Perfectly perfect mindful knitting!



As usual, the rhythm of a simple knitting project gets me through the rough stuff.

Don't worry, baby!


Everything will turn out alright!  (And it will.)

(Ravelry details here.)



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I'm sorry your summer has been one of upheaval! I hope it's not the issue that's been hanging over your head for some time.
The shawl looks like the perfect thing to get lost in and mindfully knit while you relax and regroup. May it keep you wrapped in peace and calm. xox


That is super pretty. Hopefully things will take a turn for the less-stressful.


Beautiful! I've considered knitting that as well, and I never knit the project. Here's to better times ahead! xo


It's beautiful! And you don't look worried at all, you look perfectly calm and serene. I'm thinking of a different song: don't worry, 'bout a thing, every little thing gonna be alright


Lovely! I hope things begin to calm down for you.


That is one of the prettiest shawls I have seen lately. You bloggers ought to get a commission from the designers and yarn producers!


I was so smitten by the shawl that I cruised right by your first sentence. Apologies--I do hope things settle down in a positive way!


Ooh, that's lovely. I hope things begin to resolve... maybe a tidal wave of resolution.


Here's hoping for some resolution and less mind-swirling soon. This is one time I wish I had joined a yarn club - I covet that yarn and pattern and want to knit it NOW! You and your shawl are just lovely.


Hoping you find some peace...soon! and in the meantime, that shawl is gorgeous. Sometimes simpler is better.

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