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Blueberries By the Handful


We're at the height of blueberry season here in Michigan*.  Everywhere you turn . . . blueberries!  U-pick fields.  Farm stands.  The farmer's market.  Grocery store.  All local.  All delicious!


Today, Carole asks us about our Ten Favorite Things to Do with Blueberries.  Now, I like blueberry pancakes and blueberry baked goods (of pretty much any kind) quite a lot.  But I haven't really made pancakes since Erin left home (Tom and Brian opt for eggs; they will ALWAYS opt for eggs), and I don't bake much (because if I bakes it, I eats it, and I've just decided to stay away from those calories).

But we do eat a lot of blueberries!  

Mostly, I just leave a bowl of blueberries on the counter . . . and here's what happens:

  1. We pop them in our mouths by the handful.  
  2. I mix them in my yogurt.
  3. I dump them in my cereal.
  4. I toss them in salads.
  5. I throw them on a pan and roast them with vegetables.
  6. I sprinkle them over ice cream.
  7. I stir them into a glass of lemonade.
  8. Or into a batch of summer sangria.
  9. Or even a glass of ice tea.
  10. And then I grab another handful!

How about YOU?  What's your favorite thing to do with blueberries?

* Did you know that Michigan is the nation's number one blueberry grower?  Yep.  One hundred million pounds of blueberries every year is big business in my neck of the woods!



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