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A Matter of Trust

Soundtrack. . . 


When you sign on to knit a "mystery shawl" . . . there's a lot of trust involved.

Because, when you begin, you have nothing to base anything on, really.  

You pick some colors (that you hope are going to play nice together) (AND work with the design).  You wait for the clues to arrive (only one a week).  And you keep your sense of adventure (because that's how you got here in the first place) and your sense of humor (because you'll need it) handy.


I've lived long enough to have learned. . .

The closer you get to the fire the more you get burned. . . 


Sometimes, as I'm knitting along on a mystery, I wonder what the heck I'm doing.  

But when you trust the designer and know her "body of work," and when you've chosen beautiful yarn to work with, it's all kind of exciting to watch the thing unfold.

You can't go the distance . . . 

With too much resistance . . . 


Mystery shawls . . . are not for the weak of heart.  They really are . . . a matter of trust!

(Trust the designer.  Trust the dye-er.  Trust yourself.)


(Ravelry details here.)



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Your trust was well-placed! Another beautiful shawl!


I've only done one mystery shawl, but I will keep my eye out for your designer's next KAL. Gorgeous shawl!


Your trust paid off, it's beautiful and I love the photo shoot, too. I set mine aside and I'm just getting back into it with the next to last clue.


You have one of the prettiest shawls I've seen!! The colors are perfect and they work with the design so well!! Well placed trust leads in the right direction!! Most excellent!! (I'm back tracking a couple of rows and then I'll be nearing the final edging. Maybe by Christmas?)


Such lovely work Kym! And what a great size. Congrats!


I'm about to start the mesh, and was doubting. But seeing this, I'm emboldened.


The shawl is almost as lovely as her creator...beautiful job!!! I would love to knit a mystery shawl...maybe someday! Thanks so much f or sharing and inspiring!


Your shawl is lovely! I have a dozen more repeats of the edging before I finish.


Wow..beautiful work of art!
You look lovely in it, too.

Julia in KW

Looks lovely - particularly wearing the same colour blue underneath as your edging, really sets it off. I am at the end of clue 4, getting ready to start my second colour - all the while having doubts about the colour I chose to be my contrast...argh! I guess I too just have to believe! Very nice! :)


well said! love how well all the elements came together to make a thing of true beauty. you wear it with such style, too!


That's my mystery shawl mantra!

It's beautiful, Kym! Great combo, and I *love* how big it is!

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