A Matter of Trust
Right Now - July 2015

A Few Quick and Rather Random Updates

I'm on my way to Lansing today for an all day meeting, so I thought this would be a great time to bring you some updates . . . on this and that.

First, Brian and Lauren are settling in to their new apartment in Broomfield, Colorado.  While moving somewhere new always requires an adjustment (or two), they're managing very well.  (And with a view like this, what's not to love?)


Second, driving Miss JoJo  . . . worked!  Here, you can see both dogs in the back seat as we were driving home from our trip up north last weekend.  (On a beach towel, of course.  I'm not stupid.)  Although car rides are still not JoJo's favorite thing, she willingly jumps in the car now, and will even take a nap.  (And no carsick.  Bonus!)

FullSizeRender 19

And, last, our Baby Loon is growing up fast!  Last weekend, the Loon Family was still hanging close together -- but you can see Junior is beginning to show the distinctive loon markings.  (I'm betting he/she will be all grown up before we get back up to the lake in a couple of weeks.)


Enjoy your day!


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Congratulations JoJo! Enjoy the day Kym!


Those children! Before you know they've grown up and flown the coop!


All of the kids (Baby Loon, JoJo, and Brian) are growing up so fast! Glad to hear they're all doing well and I seriously envy Brian's view.


I love that picture of the dogs! Thanks for sharing your updates.


Oh, it's good to enjoy the loons vicariously. I am so happy for your success with Jojo's car therapy. And glad your kiddos are enjoying Colorado!


Thank you for sharing your good newses! hope this week has been a better one... in any event, it's over tomorrow :-)

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