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Summertime: The Bucket List



I love summer!  

I love the hot.  I love the sunny.  I love No Coats.  I love going barefoot.  I love grilling. I love gathering fresh herbs.  I love the blooming flowers.  I love the long, long days.  I love eating outside. I even love thunderstorms.  (But maybe not when they stretch on for . . . oh, days and days).  (Just sayin.)

(Despite the current summer monsoon) . . . I just love the easy-ness of summer!


And I surely don't want to miss any of the pleasures of summer.  Here's my Summer Bucket List:

  1. Eat an ice cream cone (or two or three!) at Jones Homemade Ice Cream in downtown Baldwin, Michigan.
  2. Get a great shot of the loons on our lake up north.
  3. Get my fishing license and experience the essence of fishing.
  4. Go on a hike or two with Tom and the J-pups.
  5. Get out to the Lake Michigan shore for a sunset.
  6. Sketch in the garden - and maybe even try some watercolors.
  7. Play croquet.
  8. Make s'mores around the fire.
  9. Take in some garden tours.
  10. Just sit . . . and soak up all the summer around me.

How about YOU?  What's on your Summer Bucket List?


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You've captured the best of summer in your list, and I love your essence of fishing post! I started fishing because I also live with avid fishermen. Like you, I love casting and reeling so I use barbless hooks to reduce my chances of actually hooking a fish or releasing it unharmed if I do hook one. It's almost as good as knitting!


I think I've just added garden tour to my list! Here's to summer!


I haven't been on a garden tour in a couple of years! So much fun.

We had over 3" of rain here yesterday!

Yay Summertime!


Oh, I can't believe I forgot summer garden tours! I look forward to them every summer.


Sounds nice! I have wanted to see a loon and never succeeded--maybe this summer. Or maybe you'll get a picture and give us a vicarious experience!

Lydia S

#1, #8 and #10-count me in-sounds like you have the summer mind-set.


I forgot about ice cream! That is probably my most favorite thing to eat in the summer.


Your first line is what I want my summer to be all about. We had dinner on the patio last night during a thunderstorm! It was heaven!


This list makes me happy. I wish I could join you and do some of this together!

Denise T.

I love your photo and your whole list. Have fun checking them all off!!


Ice cream, good thought. I would like to go for a run this summer. :)

kathy b

I love loons and I miss them!
My list includes : Mitten knitting for donations, going to the Custer street Art Fair in Evansto which I have never ever done. Its time.
Stay on weight watchers. I have lost 18 lbs since march 1. I'm half way or more to my goal.
Visit the outer banks.
Get outside at night .even if just for a drive with the windows open
ride a horse?


ice cream and sunsets over the BIG lake - wonderful! and yay you for fishing. not my thing, but I'd love to watch A River Runs Through It and think of you ;-)

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