Going My Own Way
And BINGO ain't my NAME-O

Stepping Way Out

Last Friday, I stepped way, WAY outside my comfort zone and went to an all-day, outside "sketching" workshop . . . 

in an unfamiliar location

with not one person I knew

sketching (publicly)

I'm still not sure what possessed me to sign up and go, exactly.  (Although I've always wanted to be able to sit and sketch a landscape.)  

(And . . . because journey.)  

So I went.

I got a little bit lost on my way there.  I almost just bailed and turned back for home.  

(But I didn't.)

The location turned out to be a fabulous private garden property (way out in the country on a totally unmarked road, which led to the getting lost part) that made me gasp at every turn.


I delighted in exploring the grounds with my gardener's eye.

And I was so very glad I had my camera with me (because sketching alone, for me, would never have done the place justice).


It really was a perfect day -- comfortable weather, not too much sun, bird song in the air, and lovely vignettes and vistas . . . 










Most of the other workshoppers just plopped down in front of some incredibly picturesque view, got out their easels and their watercolors, and sketched/painted the day away.


I was a bit more restless (and a lot less accomplished).  I moved around from place to place . . . and mostly sketched various leaves.


(Because . . . just beginning.)

The very-patient-and-incredibly-supportive instructor kept phrasing all of her feedback to me with the following statement, "for those returning to the visual arts after a very long pause."  (Cracked me up every time!)


It was a lovely day, all the way around.  I'm glad I didn't head home when I got a little lost, because the overall experience was worth a little personal "thrashing about."  (Journeys are just like that.)


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Your sketching is great! And congrats on putting yourself out there!


It can be so hard to do something like this. Brava to you! Remind me to tell you some time about the Becoming An Outdoor Woman WEEKEND I went on. I didn't know a soul but I did it. And it's sort of how I became such good friends with Sharon. But initially? SCARY!


Those hostas! That pond! Thanks for sharing the value of "thrashing about" and your lovely en plein air sketching.


That woman reminds me of an old Lily Tomlin character who said, very primly, "Well, isn't that special?". I hope your instructor spoke sweetly. Your sketch is just terrific.

Cheryl S.

Good for you for "stepping out" - what a beautiful place for inspiration, and a fun thing to do.


What a perfectly glorious place for a gardener/artist. I, for one, am happy you had your camera along and could share this lovely place with us, but I hope you will share the drawings you make from your photographs, too!


whoa! gorgeous setting...and wow! your sketches are nothing to be ashamed of. thankful you're sharing bits and pieces of your journey here with us!


Oh, how wonderful! I'm so glad you didn't turn around! That property is absolutely stunning... inspiring.

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