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Reelin' in the Years

Singing this one today . . . 


Dear Erin:

Nanny has told me that nothing makes you feel older . . . than your children growing older.  And (as always) she is right.

Today, as you turn 26, I'm feeling pretty old.  (Because how happen???)  But I'm also . . . reelin' in the years.

 Newborn erin copy

 Right from the start, you did your own thing!

Newborn erin copy

Always curious.  Always enthusiastic.


You've had an incredible sense of who you were and what you wanted to do!  

Newborn erin copy

(Which didn't mean you took the easy route.)  

(Like ever.)  

(I still miss your music in the house, by the way.)

Newborn erin copy

It's been wonderful to watch you . . . unfold.

Newborn erin copy

Right before my eyes.

Newborn erin copy

Can't wait to see what happens next.

Newborn erin copy

Happy birthday, Erin!  You're making me feel pretty old today.  But that's a really wonderful thing!  I'll always be here . . . stowin' away the time!



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Happy Birthday Erin! This was my Nana's birthday too. Happy 26th anniversary of becoming a mom Kym!


Happy Birthday, Erin! 26 is still younger than you think and that means your mom is pretty young, too!


I know what you mean as my baby will be 23 in just a few months. Yikes! Happy Birthday to Erin, thanks for the time capsule of her important moments.


Happy Birthday, Erin!!


Happy Birthday, Erin! I'm honored to share my birthday with such a wonderful young woman who knows how to think for herself. (And you are far, far from old, Kym!)


Having such a beautiful and talented daughter certainly helps mitigate the "pain" of getting older! It was fun to see all the pictures of her iat different ages.


Oops! I forgot to say Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Erin! best wishes for many wonderful adventures! (and Kym, you can't feel old with 26 - I'm going to be 29 on my next birthday!)

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